LOOK: Here’s What Filipinos Googled This 2020 đź‘€

Google announced yesterday the local lists–trends, news, personalities, shows, events, and more–that topped Filipinos’ search queries in 2020. The local results of the annual Year in Search provide an insight on what mattered most to Filipinos this year and how they navigated the uncertainties and challenges brought about by the pandemic.

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UnionBank Continues to Push Data Science and AI to Give VIP Service to Customers

When I think of artificial intelligence (AI), I think of the movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence, which starred a very young Haley Joel Osment (also the boy from The Sixth Sense). Back then, in 2001, the idea of AI in the form of a humanoid robot seemed farfetched, too futuristic. Nineteen years later and it’s already part of our everyday lives.

Side note, 19 years does sound like a long time, so I guess it makes sense that we would reach this age today.

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Get Cashbacks, Deals, and as Much as P1 Million When You PayMayaguinaldo!

Cashless is the way to go this year. I use PayMaya to settle bills, make transfers, and purchase goods and services. I love it because it’s convenient, contactless, and I get tons of cashbacks when I use it. This Christmas, PayMaya is offering more rewards as it launches PayMayaguinaldo, where users have a chance to win as much as P1 million in the grand raffle draw. There are also weekly raffle draws until January 10, 2021, where users get a chance to win up to P285,000 worth of prizes.

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You Can Use PayMaya to Make Donations For Families Affected by Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses

To help raise funds for immediate typhoon relief and rescue efforts, several organizations have started accepting donations through PayMaya for initiatives that will help deliver food, clothing, shelter, and other forms of assistance to beneficiaries in typhoon-hit areas.

PayMaya users can easily donate using their accounts by scanning the QR code of their chosen organization, donating using the Bills section of the PayMaya app, or going to the online donation portal of PayMaya.

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4 Ways to Safely Celebrate Halloween at Home with PayMaya

Even though there aren’t any real Halloween parties this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the spookiest holiday at home! For those who still want to make the most of Halloween, there’s always a way to have fun at home—especially with the help of digital tools like PayMaya. 

Here’s how you can still have a good Halloween and experience amazing deals with PayMaya: 

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