4 Easy Steps to Owning Your Dream Home with Just a Few Clicks Online!

Now that we’re under the enhanced community quarantine, many of us are stuck at home with not a lot of things to do. With all that time, some have started to assess their living conditions and wondered whether they should move out or find a new home. Believe me, I’ve had a few friends who told me they’re seriously thinking of getting their own place after being locked up at home for a long period of time.

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Cashless is the Way to Go During This Community Quarantine

Now that the cases of coronavirus are rising in the Philippines, we must find ways to keep ourselves and the people around us safe. The month-long quarantine seems to be helping because a lot of people are staying home. Malls and non-essential establishments have temporarily closed, classes are suspended, and flights are being canceled. So what else can we do to protect ourselves from the dreaded COVID-19?

Other countries have pushed for cashless systems when paying for goods and services. Restaurants in the US are recommending cashless payments, while Iran has seen a spike in contactless transactions for the past week. It’s understandable when you consider that paper money host thousands of microbes and are passed around by dozens of people. Imagine if a bill handled by an infected person is passed on to you? As of yesterday, there are 140 cases in the Philippines, which makes this scene likely.

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Get Cashbacks and Other Treats When You Use PayMaya at Ministop

There’s a Ministop a few minutes from where I live so I go there for moments when I don’t feel like cooking or going to the grocery. I’m a fan of their fried chicken so I’ve had that quite a few times, along with other purchases like snacks and pastries. I’m obviously a regular so I’m happy to know that I can now use PayMaya QR and get cashbacks and other treats when I’m there.

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WATCH: KathNiel Stars in a New Action Film

One of my favorite things about technology is that I can use my smartphone to pay for things. I can settle my bills, use it to book rides and accommodations, and pay for groceries and services. One of my favorite apps to use is PayMaya, which does all these things and more. After launching the “Don’t Pay Cash. PayMaya!” campaign last year, which gave birth to a catchy video and jingle set to the tune of the hit ‘90’s Eraserheads song “Ligaya,” the “BalikBayad” campaign sees Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla in action-packed scenes teaming up to beat a common foe–cash.

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This Local App Makes Dates Easier for Valentine’s Day!

Picture this: you finally meet your potential ‘the one’ but there’s one catch—you’re literally miles apart.

Dating someone or even simply meeting your friends based in the north while you’re from the south (and vice-versa) can be a challenge with the unforgiving EDSA traffic and unfamiliar public transportation routes.

Don’t worry—this Filipino app is set to make your (love) life easier with its easy to use commuter guidelines and features.

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Here’s How Twitter Encouraged “Bayanihan” During the #TaalEruption2020

More than being the go-to platform for people to keep updated on #WhatsHappening, Twitter provides an avenue for people to participate in events, even in times of crisis. This has been observed when the Philippines’ second most active volcano erupted recently.

With the eruption of Taal Volcano since January 12, Filipinos flocked to Twitter to stay updated on how the situation unfolded in Batangas and nearby provinces, including Metro Manila. People were quick to share updates from where they were, giving the Twiiterverse a picture of the gravity of the incident. Bayanihan – the Filipino spirit of unity was evident on the platform from sharing important essential information to initiating donation drives for afflicted families.

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Enjoy Discounts and Freebies When You Buy a Samsung Smart TV

There are very few things that feel as great as a fresh start, especially as a new year rolls in.

While there are a lot of people who are raring to improve their lifestyles or tick off items on their list of resolutions, some simply want to share better quality time with their loved ones, especially at home.

Upgrading to a big-sized smart TV can enhance the family’s home entertainment experience with access to more varied content from popular streaming services like Netflix and YouTube.

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