This Christmas, Pay It Forward When You Use PayMaya

With the holiday season upon us, it often means spending time to finish work deadlines before the Christmas break, racing to complete our shopping for gifts, and enjoying Christmas parties with friends and family. It is also the perfect time to focus on gratitude and giving, to share our blessings, and to pay it forward to our fellow Filipinos.

I’ve been thinking about how powerful kindness is. Just today, I was listening to the podcast Kind World, and the episode “The Power of Niceness” shows how one simple act of kindness can have a profound effect on the person we’re helping.

In celebration of kindness this holiday season, PayMaya launches its PayMaya It Forward campaign to inspire Filipinos to “pay it forward” by doing random acts of kindness towards their fellow Filipinos, in the spirit of digital and financial inclusion.

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Here are the Trending Moments of 2019, According to Twitter

What a year. As we close another year and decade, it’s nice to look back and see how awesome or kalat 2019 was. One of the best ways to recap the year is through Twitter, the micro-blogging platform that has witnessed all sorts of announcements, catfights, and special social media moments.

Twitter gathered all the data and they have presented a summary of the year that was. Were you a part of it?

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Yes, You Can Use Your Smartphone to Start a Savings Account

Are Filipinos bad savers. We spend conspicuously on everything—from dining out and watching movies to incessantly shopping online—yet many attest to family and friends that they actually live from paycheck to paycheck.

The numbers and data don’t lie either. The World Bank’s 2017 Global Findex Database affirmed that 66% of Filipinos do not have a savings account. Further studies even show that one in five Filipinos still think they do not need a savings account, and of those who do want to save with a bank, 18% said they did not have the necessary documents and 10% felt it was too expensive to open an account.

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Kick Off the Holiday Season with PayMaya and Shop on 11.11!

Now is the best time to have a PayMaya account. You can enjoy up to P5,000 in discounts and cashback deals as the holiday shopping season kicks off with the various 11.11 sales online and in-store events happening nationwide!

Whether you prefer to shop from the comforts of your home or troop to the nearest malls to do all your shopping, PayMaya is your trusted payment buddy for a more convenient and rewarding shopping experience this holiday season.  

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Guys, Let’s Talk About Savings

Okay, this isn’t one of the topics I usually talk about here, but I feel it’s something that I should bring up. It’s not “sexy” but let’s talk about savings.

According to the 2017 The Global Findex Database of the World Bank, a staggering 66% of Filipinos does not have a formal savings account. Honestly, I’m kind of part of that statistic. While I do have a few bank accounts, none of them function as a real savings account that I leave untouched. In fact, I am a little loose with my expenses.

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Here’s How I Got to Eat Out Without Cash Using PayMaya

Using cash can be a hassle sometimes. I almost always never have enough so I have to look for an ATM, withdraw, and go back to wherever I came from. There’s also the danger of carrying big amounts, especially for a commuter such as myself. I’ve never experienced forgetting my wallet, but that’s another thing to think about when dealing with money. To be honest, it’s too much for an overthinking person like me!

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What Are You Spending On?

In an era of instant gratification, when we have access to everything fast—food, entertainment, travel, information, and comfort, it’s so easy to give in to temptation and spend money freely and extravagantly more than we earn them if we don’t have self-control.

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GCash is Now More Secure with Customer Protect

We’ve come to rely on tech so much, but I’m still scared of hacks and bugs for money-related issues like online banking and money transfers. My accounts have not been compromised yet, but there’s always a first for everything, right?

Lately, I’ve been using GCash for services like e-payments and taking care of my bills. So imagine my anxiety in case my account gets hacked. The platform has launched Customer Protect, a program that assures compensation for unauthorized financial transactions.

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