Win a Gaming Rig or an Entertainment System with foodpanda’s Christmas Promo!

More than the feasts, lights, or gifts, it is the holiday spirit that truly makes the Filipino Christmas uniquely special and beautiful. No challenge can ever dampen the merry that Christmas brings. To usher in the holidays, foodpanda will lighten up the nation with kumukutikuti-TAP: Isang Dosenang Pamaskong Hatid ng foodpanda (12 Surprises of Christmas). For the next 12 weeks starting October 11, foodpanda will launch weekly surprises for everyone.

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You Can Now Add Money to Your PayMaya Account for Free at Ministop

Filipinos can now conveniently add money to their PayMaya accounts at the nearest Ministop store, making going cashless much easier in the new normal. Through an expanded partnership between PayMaya Philippines and the popular convenience store chain, customers can now avail of this Add Money service at more than half of Ministop stores and by end of the year, in all of its over 500 stores nationwide. Every Add Money transaction via Ministop will also be free of charge until December 2020.

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Mikael Daez Takes His Food Game to the Next Level with foodpanda

As a gamer who went on 10-hour marathon computer sessions playing DOTA 1 and going for “BEYOND GODLIKE!” killstreaks during his teenage years, Mikael Daez knows that gaming and food go hand-in-hand.

The model-turned-actor relates to how gamers often have to decide between food and play when one’s real-life energy bar runs low. By choosing to defeat other players, upgrade items, or clear quests to advance in the storyline, Daez admits to making poor food choices in the past, such as going for instant noodles or canned goods and rice.

As he is introduced as one of the newest endorsers of the country’s on-demand delivery service foodpanda, Daez has leveled up his food game.

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I Tried GrabMart, Where You Can Get Groceries in 60 Minutes or Less

I love going to the grocery. There’s just something soothing about walking along the aisles looking for a specific item or just wandering aimlessly. I used to stop by the supermarket after I hit the gym, which meant I’d be there three to four times a week. With the COVID-19 threat still looming and discouraging everyone from going out, it’s obvious that my “therapy” has been cut. I now rely on online sellers and food deliveries. I’ve only gone to the grocery twice since March, which means I rarely cook.

Recently, I discovered that Grab launched the GrabMart feature, which lets you get your groceries and other essentials in 60 minutes or less. If they exceed that time, the delivery fee will be waived on your next order. As someone who hasn’t gone to the grocery in a while, I was curious to try it.

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Make Sure to Use ShopBack on 9.9 For Cashbacks!

Six months into the quarantine and I’ve gone out only four or five times. As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I’ve relied on delivery and online sellers to sustain myself. Mostly, I count on online shopping apps to stock up on all kinds of essentials. I’ve bought all sorts of things online, from bigas to dog food, alcohol, a garment steamer, and more. Now that I’ve finished renovating my room, I will surely be counting on these apps to buy new decor.

Just how reliant am I on these online shopping apps? I received some reed diffusers while writing this story and I am waiting for a harness with a leash for my dog, two climbing racks to help my plants stay upright, and vitamins (I will be placing more orders tonight).

With 9.9 approaching, I’d like to make a recommendation to everyone adding items to their cart already. You can save money by using ShopBack, which lets you enjoy cashbacks on all your online shopping.

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