The #AngkasTaraNa Music Video is Funny and LSS-Worthy!

One of my favorite profiles on social media is the Twitter account of Angkas, the leading motorcycle taxi platform in the country. They post a lot of funny content, even riding on current memes to make jokes about themselves, their followers, and the ridesharing industry. It may seem like they don’t have an online strategy but it worked to their advantage because they now have a distinct personality.

Now, Angkas has decided to level up by producing a music video for the song #AngkasTaraNa. It’s hilarious and LSS-worthy, but there’s something else that makes the song and the video special: the rapper, Trix Maceres, is an Angkas driver. The choreography was also developed by an Angkas driver, and many of the people in the video are part of the community, too.

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