Of Babies And Red Horses

It’s really hard to put a period on things. It’s difficult because everything is circumstantial, and you never know when certain events will change things. You cannot say forever. As the old adage goes, never say never.

Last night, I invited my friend Carlos to come over and have a couple of drinks. When he left, I quickly went back to the computer which I left on to advertise the latest entry in my blog. A very good friend of mine buzzed me on YM and she confided she might be pregnant. I was worried of course. She’s a young girl, studying, and she is at that stage where she is trying to fix her life. She said she wasn’t sure, because she hasn’t taken the test yet – but the signs were there. She said that if she were pregnant, she’d have to resort to abortion. She told me it wasn’t as if she had any choice. Both she and her partner are still studying, and the obligation of keeping a baby would be too great for the both of them to handle.

For a person who is passionately against abortion, I was surprised I was not mad. My belief is, it is incredibly unfair for the unborn baby to pay the price for the irresponsibility of both parents, but last night, chatting with her, I could only sympathize. It’s really different when things happen to you, or to people you know personally. You start to look at things from a different perspective.

I’m still pretty much against abortion, but if my friend really needs to do this, she knows I will be there to support her decision. The period regarding abortion remains a period, but I’ve inserted a clause.

Papa Don’t Preach

I feel so out of the loop. While sitting with my friends at Coffee I. in P. Noval yesterday, I just found out that one of our classmates is pregnant. I don’t wanna name names, because I think it’ll be unethical if I would just blurt her name all over cyberspace. Goodness, and I thought I was pretty updated with things.

Anyway, the point is she’s pregnant, and I give her a hand for not opting for abortion. I am very much AGAINST abortion. In my opinion, life is the most precious thing a person could have, and to to end it, before it even began, is incredibly unfair. I DON’T SEE THE POINT OF WHY THE CHILD HAS TO PAY THE PRICE FOR THE IRRESPONSIBILITY OF BOTH MOTHER AND FATHER.

Yes, you might be thinking, what if the parents are unable to care for the child? What if they’re still studying, they’re not financially stable, they’re.. WHATEVER. Well darling, they should have thought of that before they started screwing.

If you have any reason why you can’t take care of your kid, that doesn’t mean that you have to crush it inside your womb. Have the decency to consider the life of the child.

Be responsible for your actions. Your actions have consequences so be prepared to face it.

Honey, you know who you are. If you need help, we’re just here for you. Don’t hesitate.