Stay Fit and Healthy with the New Mercury Drug Citi Credit Card

One great thing about credit cards is the ability to get points. Depending on the card’s partnership, you can get perks and discounts for a variety of things, like plane tickets, gas, and even books. If you’re into health and fitness, you might want to check out Citibank’s new credit card. The country’s largest foreign bank partnered with Mercury Drug to inspire customers to be their healthiest and fittest selves.

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Jamba Juice Hosts an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament at Whirl’d Cup 2019

While summer calls to mind a long, relaxing vacation, most Filipinos see the season as a great time to make plans with their friends or even a good time to get active and enjoy the outdoors.

For Jamba Juice, summer is not just a good time to start enjoying a healthful and active routine, but to also blend this passion with finding and bonding with a community.

To encourage more Filipinos to embrace and enjoy a healthful lifestyle, Jamba Juice hosted the second edition of Whirl’d Cup, a two-day mixed (read: co-ed) Ultimate Frisbee tournament organized with JMJ Sports Training Services, in partnership with the Philippine Flying Disc Association.

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PAFP Eyes Every Filipino Household With One Family Doctor

After suffering from a bad back this past week, I decided to go to an orthopedic doctor to have it checked. It wasn’t as critical as I thought it would be, but he recommended I see a physical therapist for the next two weeks. Luckily, I didn’t have to look far for a physician. A simple Google search yielded the name of my doctor, I went the next day, and was in and out of his office in 10 minutes.

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I Got to Visit Atom Araullo at the Set of His New Commercial

I’ve always looked up to Atom Araullo. Apart from his devastatingly good looks and his charming smile, he’s an intelligent newscaster who is dedicated to delivering the news, whatever the circumstances. We’ve all seen his harrowing coverage of Typhoon Yolanda, where he bravely stood in the middle of the storm just to show what was happening in Tacloban.

Just to show how he’s always ready to rise to different challenges, he’s going to do his own stunts for his upcoming commercial for Cherifer Premium for Adults. I got to visit him on set and see what he’s going to do.

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The Snow Crystal White Tomato is the Newest Addition to My Skincare Routine

Here’s a little secret about me: I’m obsessed with skincare. I don’t talk about it because I’d rather let people think “I woke up like this.” But I’m becoming more vocal with my obsession because I want to trade tips and recommendations with my fellow skincare addicts, and it’s part of my personal mission to open up more.

For a rundown on what I do with my body, I cleanse, tone, and moisturize twice a day (I have a day cream and a night cream). Twice a week I exfoliate my face and body, and once a week I put on a face mask. I use an organic shaving gel lightly scented with sandalwood. I use different kinds of soaps and lotions. It’s not that I’m excessively vain, I just want to always look my best.

I use a lot of creams, liquids, and organic products, but strangely, I don’t take a lot of supplements, except for the occasional vitamin C. I have a new addition to my skincare routine, and it’s the Snow Crystal White Tomato.

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