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People are naturally drawn to create human connections, and the better we are in self-expression, the stronger the connections we build. Self-expression, however, may not come instinctively to some of us; two out of three people have experienced feeling afraid of expressing themselves, or sharing what they truly feel because they feared people would judge them or because they just don’t really know how to accurately express themselves.

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Solenn Heussaff is Now Starring in an Action Movie

I’ve always loved Solenn Heussaff. Out of all the It Girls, she seems to be the most grounded and down-to-earth. She comes off as someone who’s not afraid of roughing it, especially when you consider that she was one of the final three (and the only woman) in Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown in 2010. So it makes sense that she’ll star in the new action film for Vitress Hair Freshener.

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These Women Prove That They Are #StrongerNow

I recognize that life is tougher for women. There’s a double standard when it comes to them and they are judged harshly when they break the rules that an imaginary figure set, presumably a million years ago.

They are also expected to look their best at all times. Imperfection must be tucked away, whether through makeup or with a smile. It’s such a tiring routine and because of this, many are calling on their fellow women to wear their scars with pride, since they are signs that a woman is braver, more beautiful, and stronger now because of the struggles she overcame.

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Danarra Launches 6 Scented Soothing Balms Perfect for Any Occasion

I believe that scents can affect moods, which is why I always carry perfume with me, have tons of candles, diffusers, and lotions at home, and keep different kinds and varieties of essential oils next to my bed and on my desk. For essential oils, I rely on lavender to relax and peppermint to help me with my concentration at work. Now I’ve just expanded my collection because Danarra just launched six variants that are perfect for any occasion!

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Old Spice is Giving Away a Ducati Motorbike and Here’s How You Can Win!

One of the things I notice in a man is how he grooms himself. No matter how handsome or stylish you are, a lack of hygiene can break that. I’m not even talking about luxury perfumes or a 12-step skincare routine. Sometimes, all it takes is a good deodorant.

Old Spice has transformed boys into men with their line of deodorants, bar soaps, shower gels, body sprays, aftershaves, and colognes. Ask anyone about the brand (regardless of generation) and they’ll talk about its inherent masculinity. After all, Old Spice is the manliest grooming brand on the planet.

Besides Old Spice, one of the things that conjure images of masculinity is a motorbike and the brand has partnered with Ducati for the Spice Up Your Ride raffle promo, where a lucky guy can win an exclusive Old Spice edition of a Ducati SuperSport!

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5 Ways I Keep a Cool Head This Summer

Lately, it has become almost impossible to not complain about the heat every day. Whenever I meet someone, my opening line would usually be, “Grabe, ang init, no?” (Wow, it’s so hot, right?). Along with the extreme temperature come temper flares, a shorter fuse, and generally impatient behavior. After all, no one has time for mistakes this summer.

I’ve noticed that I’ve become irritable so I decided to list down ways to keep my head cool during the hot weather. Here are some of my recommendations:

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