Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Midas Hotel

Plan your perfect Valentine’s Day date this year with all the surprises Midas Hotel has to offer. Savor the goodness of fine wine and good food to create a memorable night. Whether you’re up for an evening of serenades or simply want to enjoy your date’s time with each other, Midas Hotel has your dream date covered.

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You Can Customize the Chicken in 6 Different Flavors in This Resto!

One of my favorite things to order when I eat out is chicken. I like the taste, it’s healthy, and you can cook it in different ways. While it is one of my favorite main courses, there are times when I’m looking for a little more flavor. Yellow Cab seems to be on my wavelength because they just launched the Drum & Thigh combo, where you get two big pieces of chicken… which you can customize in six different flavors!

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Jollibee’s Amazing Aloha Proves That Pineapples Belong on Burgers

In the debate of the role of pineapples on savory dishes, my official stance is: the more, the merrier! I like it on its own and I like it slathered on pizza, on adobo, and teriyaki. One of my favorites would have to be Jollibee’s Amazing Aloha Yumburger, where a juicy pineapple ring counts as one of its main ingredients. It’s unique, it’s delicious, and most importantly, it’s back!

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Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto Are Jollibee’s New Yumbassadors!

I first fell in love with Joshua Garcia last December. It was when I watched him in the film Vince & Kath & James, one of the entries at last year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). It was the first time I watched all competing entries, and I loved them all in their own way, but it was VKJ that stuck with me and became my favorite film at the festival.

The story was old (see my review here), but it was given a new lease on life because of Garcia’s great acting and believable chemistry with his partner, Julia Barretto. I watched VKJ twice and laughed, cried, and fell in love. In both screenings, girls were literally swooning – myself included – when Garcia delivered his lines and stared at Barretto in that way.

I became a teenage girl and stalked Garcia on every social media platform possible. I eventually got tired and went on with my life. Until I got to meet him.

I got to meet him when Jollibee announced that both Garcia and Barretto are the brand’s newest Yumbassadors. Together, they starred in a commercial inspired by an ’80s ad.

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7-Eleven Opens its 2,000th Store in the Philippines!

As a commuter, 7-Eleven has saved me on countless occasions. I go there for emergency coffee and snack runs, to buy toiletries, and to connect to their wi-fi (yes, guys, they have wi-fi). The ubiquity of 7-Eleven stores across the country means that I will never want for anything while on the road. After all, the brand pioneered the concept of the convenience store.

But how ubiquitous is 7-Eleven, really? Very, because they recently launched their 2,000th store in the Philippines, cementing their status as everyone’s best friend on the road!

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Jollibee Launches the Salted Caramel Choco Sundae!

Everyone knows I have a major sweet tooth, and that I find it impossible to end a meal without some kind of dessert. As summer is fast approaching (you can already feel its unwelcome entrance), one of the after-meal treats I’m looking forward to is ice cream and all its varieties! I can already imagine the sundaes, gelato, halo halo, and banana splits I will have once the heat wave rolls in.

Sometimes, I get sweet cravings at the most random moments, so I have a soft spot for establishments that serve treats on the go. One of my favorites is Jollibee, which has a great selection of sundaes, pies, and floats. Now, they’re adding a new item to their dessert menu: the Salted Caramel Choco Sundae!

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Starbucks Launches New Espresso Layer Collection and Lunch Items!

Ever since I started working in digital, I’ve been working mobile in random places around the city. Sometimes I’d find myself in Makati for a meeting, or in Quezon City for an event. Because I live down south, I would have to leave early. That means I would have to rely on a good cup of coffee to perk me up, and sometimes, I would have to get lunch on the road.

Of course, I trust Starbucks to give me an injection of pep and energy, but I would have to search elsewhere for a good meal. Now, it looks like I can get both in one place because Starbucks just launched its new lunch choices, which are meant for quick lunch runs.

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