Say Hello to My New Fave Drink, the Jameson Irish Whiskey

My palate for alcohol has become more sophisticated as I grew older. In my teen years, I would down anything that would get me drunk in the fastest amount of time. As much as I hate to admit it, I drank to get wasted, and I downed shot after shot of neon-colored drinks that tasted more like sugar than alcohol. I soon graduated to finer liquor, such as wine, rum, and whiskey. Now, my poison of choice is tea but when I crave for something with a punch, I now turn to Jameson Irish Whiskey.

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Your Next Must-Try Dish Should Be Max’s Rice Bowls

Fried chicken may have built the house of Max’s, but there’s more to the restaurant than this delicious dish. Just recently, they launched 11 new dishes that are worth checking out: Max’s Rice Bowls.

Eleven rice bowls may be a lot, but it’s for all the moods we have on the emotional spectrum. The way we feel affects what dishes we’re craving for and if we’re talking about moods, 11 may not be enough!

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Midas Hotel Launches Their Korean Menu!

One of my favorite travels is my trip to South Korea. I went there during fall so I got to experience the cold (which completely bothered me) and the brilliant colors of the season. A trip to the convenience store is instantly Instagrammable because of the vibrant reds, golds, and browns of autumn. Another highlight? The food!

I fell in love with Korean food and all its flavors. I loved samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly), gojuchang (red chili paste), jabchae (noodles), and all the side dishes they serve in every meal. Ever since I returned to Manila, I’ve been on the hunt for meals that would remind me of my trip. Guess what? I found it in Midas Hotel’s Midas Café.

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Rico’s Lechon Opens Manila Store at SM Mall of Asia

When it comes to lechon, one of the most iconic names is Rico’s Lechon. People outside Cebu make it a point to stop by the Mactan Promenade branch just to try their succulent offering, already a feat when you consider that the province is the lechon capital of the Philippines. So when they opened their first branch in Manila in 2018, everyone was excited.

The thing is, I never got to try it when it opened. In fact, I only tasted it when it opened its fifth branch at SM Mall of Asia. Their store is along Seaside Avenue in the back, which means diners can get a stunning view of the Manila sunset as they dine.

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The Starbucks Nature Collection is Inspired by Wood and it’s Scandi Chic

One of the best ways to slow down in this fast-paced world is to immerse one’s self in nature. Feeling the grass on one’s bare feet, the scents of a forest, and the visuals of lush greenery can help recharge and recenter. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to take time off to see the outdoors. For those stuck in the city, the Starbucks Nature Collection is your best bet.

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