Paradise Dynasty Launches the Chili Crab Xiao Long Bao

One of my favorite dim sum is the xiao long bao, a steamed dumpling filled with a delicious broth. And when it comes to the dish, one of my favorite places to get it in Manila is Paradise Dynasty, a restaurant known for their eight-flavored xiao long bao. In one basket, you can get dumplings in original, ginseng, garlic, black truffle, cheese, crab roe, foie gras, and Szechuan flavors.

For a limited time, you can also try a new flavor at Paradise Dynasty: chili crab!

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LOOK: These Mug Cakes Can Be Prepared in Less Than 2 Minutes

I started to cook when my family moved to the US, leaving me alone to fend for myself. In order to survive, I went online to study recipes and watch cooking videos. I’ve learned to make basic dishes like stew and fried grub, but I’ve always wanted to make desserts. My hopes were dashed when I realized how hard baking is. It’s a science, after all. Even the deceptively simple no-bake mug cakes are hard.

A few weeks ago, I discovered a new product that takes the hassle out of making mug cakes. Maya’s Happy Mugs come in an easy to prepare recipe, where all you literally have to do is mix the powder and pop it in the microwave. After a minute and a half, you have a pillowy-soft cake that smells freshly-baked.

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WATCH: These Videos Show Families That #ShareAMomentOfJoy

After going through some tough times last year and this 2018, I realized that life isn’t perfect but you can achieve happiness with little pockets of joy. Self-care is about changing your perspective and looking at your stressors through a different lens, forgiving yourself, and finding things that make you happy. For some, it’s through hobbies, while for others it’s spending time with their family.

For Joy Philippines, happiness is about the unconditional love of Filipino families everywhere. In their new video series, they paid tribute to this with two videos where households #ShareAMomentOfJoy.

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Get Up to 21% Off When You Shop Mega Prime Products on Shopee!

One of the staples of our Noche Buena is my mom’s fruit salad. It’s the only time of the year we get to eat it, so I always look forward to it even if I’ve had it since I was a kid. If your family is like mine, I suggest you start buying the ingredients before the Christmas rush. And if you’re like me who’s completely lazy, buy the ingredients online. Mega Prime is joining the Shopee 12.12 Big Christmas Sale and you can buy their products with discounts of up to 21%!

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Check Out These Holiday Promos at Midas Hotel!

One of my few luxuries is to go on a staycation. There’s just something relaxing about staying at a hotel for a few days, lounging in the room, watching movies, taking a long bath, and going to the nearby malls to shop. One of the best things to do in a hotel is eat and I’m excited for all the dining and room promos hotels have for the holidays.

Midas Hotel has plenty of deals for guests this Christmas and you can check them out below:

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Save Yourself Time and Get the Yellow Cab Hungry Holiday Feast This Christmas

Noche Buena for the Arsua household means cooking up a feast for all the relatives who will be dropping by to celebrate Christmas. This means shopping for groceries and going to different specialty stores to get things like lechon, cake, and other bits and pieces. When you pair that with the stress of gift shopping and the increasingly horrible traffic, Christmas is not exactly the most peaceful holiday.

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Rebisco Partners with 4 Artists to Create Special Edition Designer Cans

One of the enduring hallmarks of our childhood are those huge Rebisco tin cans. In them are some of the most iconic snacks for older millennials, Gen Xers, and baby boomers: Hansel crackers, choco sandwiches, and its trademark crackers. Little has changed since the brand opened in 1963, but there’s a big shakeup that happened recently. For its 55th anniversary, Rebisco has partnered with four notable visual artists to create special edition cans with unique artworks.

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