I Switched to a Water Purifier and I’m So Happy!

I’m a heavy water drinker so I always need to have some of the stuff nearby. I carry a Hydro Flask with me wherever I go, and I easily go through those gallons of water I have delivered at home. The thing is, as someone who is living on his own, there are times when I’d be so busy to call for a delivery, much less be there to receive it when it arrives. Another issue is, it’s expensive in the long run. So imagine my joy when my friends from Legande, Inc. offered to install a water purifier at home. I immediately said yes!

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Jollibee’s Tuna Pie is Back and it’s Now Spicy!

Jollibee fans, rejoice—one of your favorite snacks is making a much-awaited comeback this year!

Everyone’s favorite Jollibee Tuna Pie is now available in all stores, starting Monday, February 10. That means once again, you get to enjoy biting into that crispy golden crust and savor that rich creamy tuna filling that you’ve missed.

But that’s not all, because Jollibee’s throwing in an awesome surprise for all the fans—now you can enjoy Two-Na Sarap with Two-Na Variants: Original Tuna Pie and the new Spicy Tuna Pie!

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My New Favorite Snack is Cloud 9

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I love to eat. My friends are wise enough to invite me when they’re feeling hungry because I’ll always say yes. I have no allergies, I constantly work out, and I have no arte when it comes to food. Given my appetite, I always carry a snack with me in case I feel peckish during my commute, events that start late, or days when I don’t have the time to eat. My latest carry-on is Cloud 9, the choco-coated bar with a luscious stretch of delightful caramel filling, crunchy peanuts, and chewy nougat from our childhoods.

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Check Out the Tea Lattes at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Enjoy The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Tea Lattes and be transported to a different place, time, and vibe with each flavorful drink.

The Coffee Bean’s tea lattes are a delicious blend of freshly pulled shots of concentrated tea leaves combined with steamed milk and French Deluxe vanilla or chocolate powder. The teas are hand-plucked, taking only the top two leaves and a bud, and sourced directly from farmers.

What are Coffee Bean’s tea flavors? Check them out below:

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So Here’s the Story Behind Pizza Hut’s Free Bottomless Water

The first time I saw a screenshot of Pizza Hut’s free bottomless water, I thought it was a prank. I thought someone had edited it as a joke… until I went to the pizza joint’s Facebook page and saw that it was real. I, along with the rest of the internet, was confused.

According to Pizza Hut, “starting January 14, Pizza Hut branches will offer dine-in customers bottomless cold water, for free.”

My first thought was, “isn’t water usually free in restaurants?” I scanned my memory for the times I ate at Pizza Hut and distinctly remembered ordering water. So what’s the point?

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You Can Now Get The Cheesecake Factory at Tim Hortons!

When it comes to cheesecakes, one of the trusted names around the world is The Cheesecake Factory. Since the ’70s, the restaurant has been serving quality cakes, based on a recipe that Evelyn Overton developed in the ’40s. Today, The Cheesecake Factory operates 200 stores across the globe, earning fans from its original location in Los Angeles to Qatar.

Sadly, we don’t have a branch in Manila so those of us who want to enjoy its flavors have to fly out of the country for a little slice of cheesecake. That changes now, as you can get a selection of cakes from select branches of Tim Hortons!

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