5 Reasons Why Wooden Furniture is an Excellent Choice For the Home

Wood is having a resurgence in architecture with more and more people choosing to use it as a construction material. A growing number of houses and buildings opt to use wood in unconventional applications, lending warmth and personality to these structures. This interest in wood also comes with a growing consciousness for the environment, as wood is, hands down, the most ecologically-viable of all construction materials.

Though wood is making headway outside our homes and offices, the interior is an altogether different subject. The predominant aesthetic trend favors materials such as steel, glass, marble, and ceramic products. What many fail to see is the fact that wood is charming, functional, and most importantly, timeless. It also gives off that Scandi vibe that’s becoming popular in design circles.

Here are five reasons why wooden furniture is the perfect match if you want to spruce up your home:

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The Avara Nature & Yacht Club is an Eco-Luxury Resort Set to Open in Palawan

Imagine this: The sound of waves crashing on the shore and the sunlight peeking through the window wake you up on a lazy Saturday morning. You slowly open your eyes, afraid that you’re just in the middle of a dream. But you’re not. You stand up as you feel the gentle sea breeze touch your face. You go out of the porch and look at the horizon. You take your time to enjoy the beauty of the blue skies and the deep sea. The yacht will be waiting for you whenever you’re ready, anyway. That’s the promise of Avara Nature & Yacht Club—the easy life of the seaside.

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Summer Isn’t Over Because Starbucks Partnered with ban.do!

It’s supposed to be the rainy season but the weather has been erratic. The sunshine and the rain are in constant battle and you’re never sure what you’re going to get at any given moment. But that’s all right because I honestly prefer a bright day over a bleak and gray one. Now, I don’t have to worry about that because Starbucks is making summer permanent with its partnership with ban.do!

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OPPEIN, Asia’s Largest Cabinetry Manufacturer, Opens its First Showroom in Manila!

I used to love playing The Sims. The game where you can play God and control every aspect of your characters’ lives took over my teenage life and I would spend summers doing nothing but play. But while I enjoyed controlling my Sims, my favorite part of the game was designing the homes.

My obsession with creating perfect homes extended into adulthood and I’ve become a fan of great architecture and interiors.

Manila is home to beautiful homes and boutiques, and it’s because of the access we have to talented and homegrown designers, as well as imports from the design capitals of the world. There’s now a new addition to the bunch as OPPEIN, Asia’s largest cabinetry manufacturer, opened its first Manila branch.

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