Going Abroad? Let the British Council Help You With the IELTS!

People go abroad for a variety of reasons: to migrate, to study, or to find greener pastures. Whatever your reason, one of the things you have to take when going to an English-speaking country is to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test, a language assessment test to prove you can speak the language.

Over 10,000 organizations around the world trust and accept IELTS as a reliable indicator of English proficiency, so it’s important for those who are planning to pursue migration or higher education in 140 countries abroad. Just last year, three million people took the test!

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These 9 Families Are Running Successful Advocacies

There aren’t a lot of family-run non-governmental organizations (NGOs), but there are advantages to them: a smaller team makes it easier to mobilize teams and resources, and a team composed of family members makes it more personal and intimate. It’s also a great bonding experience.

I was recently introduced to nine advocacies run by families at the 7th Jollibee Family Values Awards. The award-giving body recognizes families who lead exemplary advocacies, and it was inspiring to see Filipinos giving back to the community.

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