10 Reasons Why Ethiopia Should Be Your Next Destination

Lately I’ve been thinking about Africa. I don’t know exactly what triggered it. Could it be the long summer days? My excitement over the recently-announced staging of The Lion King musical in the Philippines? Whatever the case, the beauty of Africa has captivated me and I am longing to visit and see its wonders.

One of the countries I want to visit is Ethiopia. Ethiopia is rich in culture, tradition, history, and wildlife. In fact, the country has eight World Heritage Sites and is the home of Lucy, a fossil dating back 3.2 million years ago. Because of this, the country is being called the birthplace of humankind.

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All Romances are Fleeting and That’s Okay

I spent the weekend at Holiday Inn & Suites in Makati, hoping to “get away from it all.” It was a relaxing two-night stay, one where I spent most of my time shopping in the neighboring malls, watching TV, reading, and eating the delicacies they sent up to welcome me. Even if I was there as a guest and not a writer, everyone was friendly and accommodating. I loved it.

During my stay, I casually opened Grindr to check the carnal delicacies on offer. I’m a passive Grindr user who never replies to any of the messages, but I had the room to myself and I was horny.

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I Pledge to Lose 20lbs By the End of 2017

I weigh 212lbs. It’s not the heaviest I’ve weighed (I weighed a whopping 220lbs when I was a teenager), but it’s enough for me to be classified as overweight and to balloon from my previous size. I once was 180lbs, roughly the average for someone who’s six feet tall, but I let go a little, enjoying too much of what life had to offer my dinner plate. Weight gain is such an insidious thing, and I finally noticed when people tagged me in photos on social media. I became fat.

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I Watched Classic Filipino Films Under the Stars at Circuit Makati

I’m so happy with the current state of Philippine cinema. More producers, executives, and viewers are becoming more adventurous with the types of local films being screened in theaters. The last Metro Manila Film Festival was a treasure trove of thought-provoking movies across all genres, proving that a good Filipino movie doesn’t just need to be poverty porn. At the same time, I’m happy that more and more classic films are being restored.

Last weekend, I spent a great Saturday watching an outdoor screening of classic Filipino films at Circuit Makati. It was held from Friday to Sunday, but I was there for one evening, watching the restored version of Sarah, ang Munting Prinsesa and Magic Temple.

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Penshoppe Launches its Own Mobile App

I love how everything has become easier because of technology. You can book flights and hotels online. You can book a ride on Grab at the push of a button and not have to worry about parking. You can also pay bills using an app. Penshoppe, one of my favorite fashion brands, is going to make shopping easier with the new Penshoppe app!

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You Can Now Create Your Own Home Gym!

I enrolled in a few gyms a couple of times, but none of them lasted long enough for me to see results. I always had something to complain about: it’s too far, I don’t have the time, and I’m too tired. Fast forward to me packing on the pounds, wondering how I can lose them. I have plans of enrolling in Anytime Fitness soon, but I first want to change my morning routine so I can go to the gym in the morning before work.

Apart from working out, I’m going to do a complete diet overhaul and frequent yoga sessions at home. I bought a yoga mat a couple of weeks ago and I want to use it more often. I’m also thinking of creating a home gym for days when there’s just too many things to do (or when I’m feeling especially lazy).

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UnionBank and UST Restore and Digitize Rare Books (Including 1st Ed Noli Me Tangere)

One of the best decisions of my life is buying an iPad Mini. I bought it a few years ago when I realized that my room was piling up with magazines, copies of which I only read once but still wanted to keep. I was transitioning to minimalism, so I wanted a system where I can still have my subscriptions while saving space. There are many reasons why digital is a great alternative to reading, and one of them is to save old and rare books. Books are a country’s written history and I believe in preserving them.

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