I Tried GrabMart, Where You Can Get Groceries in 60 Minutes or Less

I love going to the grocery. There’s just something soothing about walking along the aisles looking for a specific item or just wandering aimlessly. I used to stop by the supermarket after I hit the gym, which meant I’d be there three to four times a week. With the COVID-19 threat still looming and discouraging everyone from going out, it’s obvious that my “therapy” has been cut. I now rely on online sellers and food deliveries. I’ve only gone to the grocery twice since March, which means I rarely cook.

Recently, I discovered that Grab launched the GrabMart feature, which lets you get your groceries and other essentials in 60 minutes or less. If they exceed that time, the delivery fee will be waived on your next order. As someone who hasn’t gone to the grocery in a while, I was curious to try it.

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5 Easy to Remember Ways to Make Sure You’re Hydrated

There’s no life without water. It’s as simple as that. Especially for those trying to live a healthy lifestyle, getting enough water can be the difference between a fine, healthy day and one that’s plagued by lethargy, headaches, and muscle soreness. Here, we’re going to look at how to ensure you’re not only getting enough hydration but quality water from quality sources.

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Make Sure to Use ShopBack on 9.9 For Cashbacks!

Six months into the quarantine and I’ve gone out only four or five times. As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I’ve relied on delivery and online sellers to sustain myself. Mostly, I count on online shopping apps to stock up on all kinds of essentials. I’ve bought all sorts of things online, from bigas to dog food, alcohol, a garment steamer, and more. Now that I’ve finished renovating my room, I will surely be counting on these apps to buy new decor.

Just how reliant am I on these online shopping apps? I received some reed diffusers while writing this story and I am waiting for a harness with a leash for my dog, two climbing racks to help my plants stay upright, and vitamins (I will be placing more orders tonight).

With 9.9 approaching, I’d like to make a recommendation to everyone adding items to their cart already. You can save money by using ShopBack, which lets you enjoy cashbacks on all your online shopping.

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This Brand of Collagen Can Boost Your Skin Health and Your Immune System

Now that I’m in my 30s, it’s important for me to start taking care of my health. Yes, 31 is still young but I’ve noticed changes with my body already. In my teen years and twenties, I could go on a night out and easily attend to things in the morning. In my college years, I would go to a club and go straight to class. Now, I get grumpy and can’t function if I get less than six hours of sleep. Sometimes I need an entire day to recuperate if I am too tired or drunk from the night before.

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Get Double Cashbacks on PayMaya When You Order Food Via Messenger

I haven’t gone out in so long that I rely on deliveries and small businesses during the quarantine. With so many available options online at different price points, the kitchen has become a neglected place. At least I have more time to focus on my work and leisure hours!

To make your ordering experience not just convenient but also rewarding, PayMaya is offering double cashback when you order from select food brands via the Facebook Messenger chatbot and pay using your PayMaya account. 

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This Sushi Bake is Perfect For Those with HUGE Appetites

Out of all the food trends that came out during the quarantine, the sushi bake is my favorite. I love Japanese food so it didn’t take a lot to convince me to jump on this trend. I actually got to try this twice a few years ago. The first was at a family gathering. I didn’t know what it was called but my mom knew what it was and taught me how to eat it. The second was at a party and the host called it sushi crack because it’s addictive (it was). I kept thinking about those dishes and wondered when I can try them again. Thankfully, a lot of people picked it up and offered it on the market.

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