Win a Gaming Rig or an Entertainment System with foodpanda’s Christmas Promo!

More than the feasts, lights, or gifts, it is the holiday spirit that truly makes the Filipino Christmas uniquely special and beautiful. No challenge can ever dampen the merry that Christmas brings. To usher in the holidays, foodpanda will lighten up the nation with kumukutikuti-TAP: Isang Dosenang Pamaskong Hatid ng foodpanda (12 Surprises of Christmas). For the next 12 weeks starting October 11, foodpanda will launch weekly surprises for everyone.

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This Guilt-Free Sisig Allows You to Indulge in Your Favorite Dish

One of the sounds that I miss from before the pandemic is the unmistakable sizzling of sisig on a pan. Imagine this: minced pork, chopped onions, and liver bubbling on a piping-hot pan and swimming in grease. There may be some mayo drizzled over it (if that’s your thing) or an egg waiting to be cooked. Sadly, the quarantine changed all that and I haven’t had sisig in a while. That is, until I discovered Baked Sisig.

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You Can Now Add Money to Your PayMaya Account for Free at Ministop

Filipinos can now conveniently add money to their PayMaya accounts at the nearest Ministop store, making going cashless much easier in the new normal. Through an expanded partnership between PayMaya Philippines and the popular convenience store chain, customers can now avail of this Add Money service at more than half of Ministop stores and by end of the year, in all of its over 500 stores nationwide. Every Add Money transaction via Ministop will also be free of charge until December 2020.

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It’s Spooky Szn: Here are True Crime Docuseries You Can Binge-Watch

I love true crime. Ever since I was young, I enjoy reading about serial killers and watching movies and TV shows about the depravity of the human mind like The Silence of the Lambs, American Psycho, and Forensic Files. The genre nurtured my childhood dream of working in a mental institution, which was partly realized when I interned at the National Center for Mental Health for my psychology degree. As an adult, I discovered the world of podcasts and I religiously follow My Favorite MurderĀ  (my friend recently started Super Evil, the country’s first serialized true crime podcast, listen to it here).

So, of course, October would be a great time to double down on spooky content. While others would focus on the supernatural kind (which I am scared of), I want to focus on something that’s a little more real: the horrific things people can do to each other.

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Magnum Pints are My Latest Indulgence, Here’s Why

Life is tough and we all have to find ways to survive being cooped up indoors. For me, it’s making time to rest, catch up on my reading, and watch movies and TV shows I haven’t seen. I had to work a bit over the weekend but I made sure to carve up some time to slip into my silk robe, get into bed, and watch a few episodes of Schitt’s Creek. I’ve finished the series already but I love it so much that I’m watching it again. I also had my latest indulgence: a pint of Magnum.

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I Tried Tasty Love’s Food, Here are My Thoughts

The quarantine has allowed me to experiment with food. I’ve tested new recipes, discovered new dishes, and tried out new restaurants. I’ve also expanded my kitchen skills and learned how to steam, deep fry, and cook steak. I’m still no Gordon Ramsay but I love how I’m no longer useless in the kitchen. To think that just two years ago, I didn’t know how to cook! Living on my own certainly has taught me important life skills.

One of my latest culinary discoveries is Tasty Love, an online food business that focuses on quality in their products. I got to try their organic eggs, dumplings, and fried spring rolls. Here are my thoughts:

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