Eat at Cibo For P22 and Get a Chance to Fly to Rome!

In true Italian fashion, Cibo is celebrating its 22nd anniversary in a big way! The Italian restaurant is thrilled to announce its P22 Dining Seat Sale promotion where patrons can avail any of the 10 featured dishes below for only P22 each:

Pizza 5 Formaggi. Classic CIBO pizza with mozzarella, gorgonzola, gruyére, bel paese, and parmesan.

Tramezzini Pollo. A hearty chicken sandwich originating from Venice.

Linguine alla Nettuno. Fresh seafood pasta. A delicious homage to Genova.

Panino Porchetta. Crisp-skinned roast pork sandwich is a staple in the Roman Cibo di Strada Scene.

Panino Tonno. CIBO’s take on the classic tuna sandwich.

Rigatoni di Bruto. Sausage, peppers, and tomato—a pasta fit for meat lovers!

Penne al Telefono. Penne pasta with tomato cream sauce, mozzarella, and white cheese.

Farfalle alla Veneziana. A delicious combination of seafood and parsley cream pasta.

Spaghettini alla Bolognese. The classic red sauce pasta made famous by its ragù bolognese.

Pizza Margherita. The classic Neapolitan pizza with basil, tomatoes and cheese.

Ordering any of the P22 dishes requires a CIBO Boarding Pass, which is part of the limited CIBO Gift Card (a P599 face-value gift certificate).

The celebration doesn’t end there! As part of Cibo’s milestone celebration, they will give patrons the chance to win two tickets to Rome, courtesy of Cathay Pacific, with the Fly to Rome promotion. The use of the CIBO boarding pass and P2,000 dine-in purchase will constitute a raffle entry.

The P22 Dining Seat Sale and Fly to Rome promotions will run from August 1 to September 31, 2019.


This story is in partnership with Cibo. For more information, visit the website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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The museum opened early this year, in time for the 40th anniversary of the Intramuros Administration. The government agency is tasked with the orderly restoration, management, development, and promotion of Intramuros as a national heritage. To make its celebration more special, LG donated six units of the TVs to the museum, in order to pair the walled city’s rich and colorful history together with tomorrow’s technology.

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