Jollibee’s Strawberry Choco Sundae is My New Favorite Dessert

As a kid, one of my favorite treats was chocolates filled with strawberry jam. My mom used to buy these in Japan and I would happily pop them in my mouth in rapid succession. As I grew up and my mom’s trips to Japan dwindled, my sweet tooth would find other indulgences. Just recently, I discovered a new favorite dessert that tastes just like it and it’s Jollibee’s Strawberry Choco Sundae!

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Here’s Something New to Try This 2018: Jameson Irish Whiskey’s Black Barrel

This 2018, one of my resolutions is to try more new things. Manila is so dynamic that there’s always something new to eat, experience, drink, and visit. Another is to make more time for friends and family, who I did not spend much time with last year because of work. And when you’re talking about quality time with people, it’s bound to involve alcohol.

If you’re like me who has the same two resolutions, here’s something worth trying to hit two birds with one glass, er, stone: Jameson Irish Whiskey’s Black Barrel, which was recently made available in the Philippines.

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Get 50% Off When You Shop at Avon This January!

I don’t wear makeup but I understand how empowering it can feel. The transformative power of putting on something that can highlight your features is something I experience when I wear something nice. When you look your best, you feel like you can face anything in this world. For me, it’s good clothes. For some women, it’s makeup.

The New York Times also reported on a study that revealed that women feel more confident with makeup and that they are perceived as likable, competent, and attractive with it. Of course, personality, actual competence, and inner beauty play a more important role, but the power of makeup is undeniable.

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A Non-Whisky Drinker Attended a Whisky Event. Here’s What Happened

When it comes to alcohol, I stick to what I know and like. I prefer wine, cocktails, and craft beer. I’m only a casual drinker of heavier liquors like rum, scotch, and whisky, so when I was invited to Whisky Live, the country’s most anticipated whisky tasting and sampling event, I was intrigued.

Whisky Live is a two-day event where enthusiasts can try more than 100 variants. The event also had 12 Master Classes covering different topics, including filtration processes and the different kinds of barrels that contribute to the whisky’s taste.

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The Sunday Currently: Volume 12

The last week of the year means preparing for the onslaught of Christmas parties, dinners, and of course, the annual Metro Manila Film Festival. Ever since its excellent lineup last year, I promised to watch this year’s entries even if it regressed to its previous formula. Still, there were gems. I watched Siargao last week and fell in love with the visuals. I also watched the much-lauded Ang Larawan and enjoyed All of You. This week was all about watching movies, both good and bad, local and foreign. It was a good week.

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