Own a Scooter? Avoid These Fashion Faux-Pas!

Scooters are undoubtedly a convenient and affordable way to travel across town. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic or paying high fuel and maintenance costs, and you can look great while you’re traveling between locations.

Unfortunately, some scooter owners make some terrible fashion mistakes. Some of the things that scooter owners wear (or not, as the case may be) are ridiculous and can even be extremely dangerous! If you’re a scooter owner, here are the fashion faux-pas to avoid:

Camouflage pants

Let’s be clear: the only time you should ever wear camo pants when riding your motorcycle is if you’re a member of the armed forces and you’re trying to escape enemies who are gunning for your blood!

Camouflage pants might look great in certain circumstances, but wearing them while you’re casually traveling across your neighborhood is a no-no. Look at https://bmw.europe-moto.com/gb/5-motorcycle-clothing-bmw-motorrad to see examples of what you should be wearing when you ride your scooter.

Tucking your jeans into your boots

It’s quite shocking how many people think they look great leaving their homes wearing jeans tucked into their boots and then setting off for a journey on their scooters. It might have been a good look for some people in the 1980s, but it isn’t for the 21st century.

Of course, the exception to such a look is if you’re wearing knee-high boots and leather pants, and you’re riding a touring motorcycle rather than a scooter.

Going topless

On a hot summer’s day, you might not feel like wearing much clothing – especially on a particularly humid day. With that in mind, some scooter owners think it’s okay to ride around topless to catch some rays while they’re traveling across town.

Firstly, going topless on any form of motorcycle is extremely dangerous as you have no upper body protection if you crash. And, secondly, you’ll end up getting sunburnt and even increasing your risk of developing skin cancer. Never go topless – even during summer!

Take a look at https://bestopedia.org/why-should-you-wear-a-jacket-on-a-bike/ to learn more about why you should wear a jacket when you ride a motorcycle.

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Wearing identical clothing to your pillion

Let’s face it: a scooter is probably not the best motorcycle to use if you intend to transport a pillion. However, if you need to transport a friend a short distance away from your location, it can be acceptable.

What is not acceptable, of course, is wearing identical clothing to your pillion! It’s a fashion faux-pas that you’d probably categorize in the same place as those staged family photos where everyone wears the same clothing and sports a cheesy smile for the camera!

Wearing a scooter blanket

Lastly, if you feel cold when you’re out and about on your scooter, please avoid the temptation to wear a scooter blanket! It’s just a ridiculous look and will bring down your street cred to minus figures. Instead, just wear warmer attire before you head out!


Cover image by Diwash Budhathoki from Pixabay.

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