4 Ways to Look Good While Working Out

It doesn’t really matter how you look while you exercise, providing you’re doing the exercise correctly. That said, it’s easy to become demotivated if you don’t feel attractive – especially when exercising around other people.

One solution could be to work out at home away from the gaze of other people. However, you shouldn’t have to restrict yourself this way. The best solution is to address why you feel unattractive. Do you feel too fat or frumpy? Do you sweat profusely? Does your face get too red? All of these problems may be able to be fixed by changing what you wear and how you compose yourself. Below are just a few ways to look good as you work out.

Find clothing that flatters your figure

We don’t all have the body of an Instagram model. Finding clothing that flatters your figure could be essential for making you feel comfortable and happy. Fortunately, there are now fitness clothing manufacturers out there that cater to all body shapes. 

Often, it’s a case of showing off your best assets and concealing those parts of your body that you’re not happy about. High waisted leggings may be better for hiding your stomach, while a looser crop top can hide a flat chest. 

Meanwhile, if you do have curves in the right places, make the most of it. Brands like Curves N Combatboots have plenty of great options for flattering your figure. Don’t settle for clothing that hides your curves and makes you feel frumpy (unless you feel more comfortable in baggier clothing – which some people do). 

Reduce and hide sweat

If you sweat a lot, you may also be able to reduce this by changing up your clothes. Certain fabrics and colors are likely to cool you down more effectively, reducing the amount you sweat (black clothing for instance may make you hotter). Choosing this cooler clothing could also help to combat redness.

Patterned clothing, meanwhile, may be able to more effectively hide sweat patches. Try out different patterns to see what works for you.

Try different updos

Does your hair get everywhere while you exercise? If you have long hair, putting it up could prevent your hair from becoming a mess. 

There are lots of stylish updo hairstyles that are perfect for exercise, from buns to ponytails. Experiment with different ways of putting your hair up until you find a hairstyle that works for you. 

Use the right makeup

Ideally, you should wear minimal makeup while at the gym – it has the ability to block pores and cause acne. But if you feel more comfortable wearing makeup, then there are options that are better for your skin – these products don’t contain as many oils or waxes. 

This guide at Elle offers a few gym-proof makeup products that don’t run and will reduce the risk of acne.

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