LOOK: These Puto Bumbong and Bibingka Cheesecakes are Perfect for the Holidays

If I asked you to list down some Christmas dishes, chances are, you’d say puto bumbong and bibingka. These two kakanin are intrinsically Christmas that a whiff of them brings back memories of Simbang Gabi or your favorite holiday traditions. If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy these classics, Max’s is here for you.

Max’s Corner Bakery recently launched cheesecake versions of these two Simbang Gabi classics. Check out the Puto Bumbong Cheesecake and the Bibingka Cheesecake:

Max’s Puto Bumbong Cheesecake

This special take on the classic Simbang Gabi kakanin is made with glutinous rice flour with ube flavor, smooth and silky cheesecake, and topped with ube crumbs, coconut, and muscovado sugar. The cheesecake is light and fluffy, while the ube rice flour is surprisingly dense. This is a decadent cake perfect for those looking to enjoy a new way of eating puto bumbong.

Max’s Bibingka Cheesecake

This reinvented classic is made with soft and fluffy vanilla chiffon, smooth and silky cheesecake, and topped with salted egg slices. This is much lighter compared to the Puto Bumbong Cheesecake but is just as flavorful. Really enjoyed the contrast between the sweetness of the cake and the saltiness of the egg.


Both Puto Bumbong Cheesecake and Bibingka Cheesecake are available for dine-in, take-out, and delivery starting at P289.


This story is in partnership with Max’s Restaurant. Order online on the website or call the Metro Manila hotline at 888-79000. For more information, visit the Facebook page.

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