Check Out These Freshly-Baked Goodies From Bake Batch

I love to eat and one of my favorite meals is meryenda. It’s an excellent break where we can stop working and reward ourselves with a little treat. I usually have some pastries and tea while I watch an episode of Schitt’s Creek or read some articles online. I was given the chance to try Bake Batch, a new shop that has freshly-baked goodies. To date, they have three pastries, which of course I paired with tea.

Here are my thoughts:

Espresso Creme Brulee

The Espresso Creme Brulee Bun was a sweet surprise. I didn’t expect the two flavors to go well together but they did. Bake Batch’s version is filled with a rich cream filling made from white chocolate and espresso. The bun is topped with the hardened caramelized sugar that we associate with creme brulee.

Fresh Banana

As the name suggests, you can expect fresh bananas when you try Bake Batch’s bun. This one is filled with mashed bananas and is topped with chia seeds. It’s a healthy treat that’s just a little bit indulgent. Bake Batch’s Fresh Banana Buns are perfect for those looking to boost their immunity.

Basil Pesto

Bake Batch also has a savory treat in the form of the Basil Pesto Bun. Pesto can be a powerful flavor but I enjoyed how light (and chewy) Bake Batch’s version is. Like the Fresh Banana, they only use freshly-handpicked basil in their recipe.

If you’re looking to try something new for your meryenda, try out Bake Batch! They’re baking a fresh batch from November 10 to 12.


This story is in partnership with Bake Batch. For more information, follow their Instagram page.

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