Cebu Pacific Supports the Philippine Government’s Contact Tracing Efforts

The Philippines’ leading carrier, Cebu Pacific, is in full support of the government’s contact tracing efforts as it launches Traze, a unified national QR code-based app that will automate the contact tracing of the aviation sector for the Department of Transportation and all its attached agencies. Beginning November 28, 2020, all passengers transiting through airports will be required to register on the Traze app.

“We commend the government for launching this contact tracing app. We believe having a single contact tracing app for the industry will not only make the track and trace process more effective and efficient, but it is also one of the critical steps in rebuilding trust and confidence in travel,” said Candice Iyog, CEB VP for Marketing & Customer Experience.

This requirement will be included in the airline’s pre-flight reminder notifications for passengers, as well as on its website and official social media pages.

“We are positive that with this in place, coupled with the multi-layered approach airlines strictly implement, passengers will feel more confident in air travel. We continue to collaborate with our partners in the industry to make sure we all work together in ensuring a safe journey for the riding public, so everyjuan may travel with peace of mind,” added Iyog.

Traze allows passengers to conveniently register an account on their mobile devices and scan QR codes at designated areas at the airport. Once someone with COVID-19 is identified, an in-app notification will be sent to persons this passenger may have had contact with. Individuals who may have been exposed are advised to immediately isolate themselves and practice other sanitation precautionary measures.

Meanwhile, passengers who do not have mobile phones or any other mobile gadget may go to the Malasakit Helpdesk at the airport where they will be assisted in acquiring a unique QR code. Another option is for them to ask a family member to register for them on the Traze app.

The app is currently being tested across four major airports in the Philippines, specifically in Manila, Clark, Cebu, and Davao.

CEB continues to implement multi-layered safety measures in accordance with global aviation standards to ensure inflight transmission is virtually nonexistent. These include daily extensive cleaning and disinfection protocols for all aircraft and facilities, the mandatory wearing of face masks and shields for passengers and crew, and contactless flight procedures. All aircraft are equipped with hospital-grade HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, proven to eliminate viruses, including the novel coronavirus, with 99.9% efficiency.


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