5 Must-Do Prep Steps For Your First Move

When you’re first moving into a new home, whether renting or buying, there’s no denying that it can be an exhilarating experience. However, it can also be quite a nerve-wracking one. That’s because we know that there’s plenty of room for errors of a disastrous proportion, even if we don’t know exactly what those are. So, to help you avoid those very same errors, we’re going to look at a few must-do prep steps before moving day arrives.

Know how to pack

Start packing as early as you can and ensure that you’re organized with it. How do you pack early without depriving your home life until the day you move? Start going through the rooms and putting away items you know you won’t need until you’re in the new home. Pack by room so that it’s easier to find where everything goes on the other side, and make sure you label each box, preferably with colorful post-it notes so you can quickly identify what they are.

Know what not to pack

You’re going to save yourself both money and stress by taking the time to downsize your possessions. Take a closer look at each item before you consider packing it. Do you really need it anymore? If not, do you want it? Or will it just clutter up the new home? One thing is certain, it will definitely take up space in any vehicle you’re using to move, so donate it, sell it, or dispose of it.

Choose your team

When is it better to manage the move yourself? If you don’t have a lot of things to transport and you don’t need any specialist help. Otherwise, you need to consider getting in touch with home removal services well ahead of time. The closer to moving day that you leave it, the less likely they are to be available. Furthermore, if you have any heavy or unusual objects, they might need some time to get together the equipment that can move it safely.

Take care of the essentials

When you’re moving, you’re going to need to let some people know. You have to know who has to be notified and when you need to get in touch with them. For instance, friends and family should know about it before you move. Whereas you should call any utility providers to let them know after the fact so that you don’t end up getting them to shut off on you while still in the house.

Start laying out your plans

Getting acclimated to your new home more quickly can also help you fall in love with it more quickly. If you’re not entirely transplanting your old decor style, then it’s time to start planning for both the DIY and the decor choices you need to make, whether it’s fitting new cabinetry, simply changing the colors, or even full-on renovations.

Effectively, the sooner you start getting mobilized and organized, the far less stressful the lead up to moving day is going to feel. Start by getting on top of the points laid out above.

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