This Guilt-Free Sisig Allows You to Indulge in Your Favorite Dish

One of the sounds that I miss from before the pandemic is the unmistakable sizzling of sisig on a pan. Imagine this: minced pork, chopped onions, and liver bubbling on a piping-hot pan and swimming in grease. There may be some mayo drizzled over it (if that’s your thing) or an egg waiting to be cooked. Sadly, the quarantine changed all that and I haven’t had sisig in a while. That is, until I discovered Baked Sisig.

Baked Sisig is both the name of a business and a dish. They specialize in the baked sisig, a lighter take on the Filipino classic. It’s baked, not fried, so that means less oil, less grease, and more importantly, less guilt. Now that I’m paying close attention to what I eat, Baked Sisig allows me to indulge in one of my favorite dishes and not feel bad.

Their take on sisig combines crunchy and chewy textures from the pork maskara, chicken liver, chicharon, onions, chili, and calamansi. It takes the best flavors of the dish we love without that greasy feeling after. Another thing I love about it is that it comes with Japanese rice, so it’s already a meal! I had this after a workout and finished the whole pan by myself. And you know what? Didn’t feel bad about it all.

That is, until I tried their dessert. Baked Sisig also offers the Thai Mango Sticky Rice, their take on the glutinous rice dessert. Their version is generously draped with coconut milk and topped with thick slices of fresh Philippine mango. Mango season finished months ago so I was surprised at how sweet it was. Maybe not as guilt-free but hey, I worked out.

Baked Sisig’s products make for a good meal, especially if you’re a fan of sisig. Sure, it doesn’t have the sizzling sound but going the baked route is just as satisfying and won’t make you feel guilty. It even comes with a dessert!


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