It’s Spooky Szn: Here are True Crime Docuseries You Can Binge-Watch

I love true crime. Ever since I was young, I enjoy reading about serial killers and watching movies and TV shows about the depravity of the human mind like The Silence of the Lambs, American Psycho, and Forensic Files. The genre nurtured my childhood dream of working in a mental institution, which was partly realized when I interned at the National Center for Mental Health for my psychology degree. As an adult, I discovered the world of podcasts and I religiously follow My Favorite Murder  (my friend recently started Super Evil, the country’s first serialized true crime podcast, listen to it here).

So, of course, October would be a great time to double down on spooky content. While others would focus on the supernatural kind (which I am scared of), I want to focus on something that’s a little more real: the horrific things people can do to each other.

If you’re like me who can’t get enough of true crime, here are some docuseries that you can watch this spooky szn. These are all available on hayu, a streaming platform filled with reality shows. They’re known for having all the seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (and airs the latest episode the same day as the US), but they also have other genres, like true crime.

Here are some recommendations, but they have over 40 true crime titles:


Snapped profiles the fascinating cases of women accused of murder, usually of their partners. It features interviews with friends and family members of the accused and victims, law enforcement officials, attorneys, and other people with first-hand knowledge of the cases.

In Ice Cold Blood

Grammy Award winner Ice-T uses his distinct voice to guide viewers through shocking true stories involving sex, money, obsession – or a fatal cocktail of all three. Each hour-long episode spotlights a shocking mystery characterized by expert detective work,  unforeseen twists, and jaw-dropping discoveries.

The Kim Kardashian-West Justice Project

The two-hour documentary features the reality show star, who has made it her personal mission to address the criminal reform crisis. This documentary is an inside look at Kardashian-West’s efforts to secure freedom for Americans who she believes have been wronged by the justice system. Kardashian-West is currently studying law and has helped with the release of 17 inmates incarcerated for first-time nonviolent drug offenses in just 90 days.

License to Kill

Obsessed with medical mysteries? Dr. Terry Dubrow from Botched returns for Season two of License to Kill, investigating jaw-dropping cases of murderous doctors and nurses, with family members weighing in on the devastating loss of their loved ones.

Killing Versace: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

For fashion fanatics, witness expert insights into a serial killer’s mind Andrew Cunanan on his obsession turned violent pursuit with world-renowned designer Gianni Versace in Killing Versace: The Hunt for a Serial Killer.


Enjoy all these titles on hayu. You can watch your favorite reality TV shows on any device and you can even download episodes and full seasons to access whenever and wherever you want. Start your free trial and sign up for a plan if you enjoy it. It’s only P149 per month or P49 per week. That’s right, you can subscribe weekly! Free trials are one month (if you plan on signing monthly) or on week (if weekly). Here’s how you can make your binge-watching more fun and comfortable.


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