Magnum Pints are My Latest Indulgence, Here’s Why

Life is tough and we all have to find ways to survive being cooped up indoors. For me, it’s making time to rest, catch up on my reading, and watch movies and TV shows I haven’t seen. I had to work a bit over the weekend but I made sure to carve up some time to slip into my silk robe, get into bed, and watch a few episodes of Schitt’s Creek. I’ve finished the series already but I love it so much that I’m watching it again. I also had my latest indulgence: a pint of Magnum.

Magnum Pints are just like the brand’s ice cream bars, except in tub form. Each tub comes with a thick shell of Magnum’s Belgian chocolate, designed to be broken to access the smooth, Madagascar vanilla ice cream inside. The tub is coated with Belgian chocolate on all sides, along with additional shards for a truly luxurious eating experience.

The pints are available in Magnum’s three signature flavors: the Classic, Almond, and White. My personal favorite is the Almond so that’s what I had while watching the warm, joyful, wholesome, and Emmy-winning show.

Schitt’s Creek swept this year’s awards, winning seven out of eight nominations, including Outstanding Comedy of the Year, Best Actor for Eugene Levy, Supporting Actor for Daniel Levy, Actress for Catherine O’Hara, Supporting Actress for Annie Murphy, Directing, and Writing. They had two nominations for Writing so they lost to themselves. In the Creative Emmys, they won Oustanding Casting and Contemporary Costumes. The show has been giving me true pleasure lately.

Like how each Magnum ice cream bar is carefully hand-crafted, there’s an art form to enjoying the pints. Thaw the tub for three to five minutes, squeeze the pack on both sides, and smash your spoon at the top. There should be a satisfying crack of the thick Belgian chocolate shell, which you can mix with the vanilla ice cream. It’s funny. Each tub is delicately created but they were #MadetoBeBroken. Smell the aroma of Magnum’s signature Belgian chocolate, mix it, and enjoy it because you deserve all the happiness in the world.

Magnum is the perfect indulgence because it’s delicious and has just the right touch of luxury to elevate the ice cream experience. Whatever you do to reward yourself for working hard or even just surviving, add a pint of Magnum.

Magnum Pints are available in a 440ML tub for P360 (SRP) in all leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.


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