I Tried Tasty Love’s Food, Here are My Thoughts

The quarantine has allowed me to experiment with food. I’ve tested new recipes, discovered new dishes, and tried out new restaurants. I’ve also expanded my kitchen skills and learned how to steam, deep fry, and cook steak. I’m still no Gordon Ramsay but I love how I’m no longer useless in the kitchen. To think that just two years ago, I didn’t know how to cook! Living on my own certainly has taught me important life skills.

One of my latest culinary discoveries is Tasty Love, an online food business that focuses on quality in their products. I got to try their organic eggs, dumplings, and fried spring rolls. Here are my thoughts:

Organic Eggs

The first thing you notice about Tasty Love’s eggs is its gorgeous yolk. It’s a deep and rich yellow color. This is because the chickens are not given chemical feeds or hormones. According to Tasty Love, the egg whites have two layers: a thick inner layer and a thinner outer layer so it is still whole and not runny when cooked. As for the taste, it’s creamy and vibrant. You can instantly tell that these are no ordinary eggs. I paired Tasty Love’s eggs with longganisa from Cabanatuan and it was so good.


Tasty Love’s dimsum comes in pork siomai, Japanese siomai, and sharksfin. All of these are authentic Chinese restaurant quality and come with no extenders. I got to try the sharksfin and fell in love with the medley of flavors that you would normally find in a Chinese joint. I also like the soy sauce blend that every order comes with. I liked it so much that I poured it over my rice. These dumplings can be steamed or fried. I learned to steam because of this!

Spring Rolls

The Special Lumpiang Gulay comes with bean sprouts, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and tofu neatly tucked in its wrapper. The wrapper is just the right thickness, so all the ingredients are safe inside and you can taste them when you take a bite. I’ve eaten spring rolls that come with so much wrapper that you can barely taste what’s inside. Tasty Love’s Special Lumpiang Gulay is easy to cook and crispy. They taught me a little trick when frying this: put it on the pan as soon as you take it out of the freezer. No need to thaw as the moisture can cause the wrapper to break.


I enjoyed Tasty Love’s products because they’re not the usual version of everyday food. The quality is great and the taste is different, so it’s worth trying it out. Apart from these food items, Tasty Love also has pure pulverized robusta coffee from Bukidnon. That’s something I look forward to trying!


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