4 Easy Ways to Add Color Into Your Home

Color in your home is essential. It can be a great way of bringing positivity and happiness as well as reflecting your own personality. There are various ways of incorporating color, so here are some ways to add some into your home:

Put up some artwork

Artwork is a great way of adding splashes of color, depending on the style of art you pick and the sizes. When it comes to art, we’re all different in what we appreciate, and whether it’s from renowned Australian artists or a mass-made commercial printing company, we’ll all pick differently. Think about the type of art that you love and what sparks positive emotions in you. Once you have an idea of what you want, you can then start shopping and finding ways to place it around the home. Try to aim it on areas where there’s blank spaces and neutral tones so that you can warm it up or brighten it with bold color palettes. Do your research if you want to invest in some pieces for the future as artwork can be a hot commodity if picked correctly.

Change up the soft furnishings 

Soft furnishings are a great place to focus on when it comes to color because they’re cost-effective to switch in and out where necessary. You might want to change the color by season or whenever you feel like you need something new in your home. It can be pillowcases or throws and rugs. Find ways that you can add color without having to spend a huge amount of doing up the whole room. Just a few simple changes to your soft furnishings, and you’re likely going to find it completely transforms the room.

Paint the walls

Painting your walls can often be needed as over time, paint can scuff and walls can become a little tired. Think of possibly having a new color on your walls or perhaps add wallpaper if you’re feeling more adventurous. When it comes to painting, it’s also something that doesn’t cost a lot of money, and it can be done within a day or so, depending on the time of year you do the painting. Plan ahead and make sure you’re swatching the colors on the wall and look at them during the day and the night. This is going to make sure that you like the color in different lights as it can sometimes change slightly.

Invest in LED color lighting

If you want color to feature in a slightly more unusual way, then there’s always LED color lights. Technology is a great way to incorporate color, and you can do so by installing these lights. Whether you fancy a red hue or multi-colors, finding color in your lighting might be something you’d like to try out. They can be quite costly, but worth the investment if you fancy something different.


Adding color into your home is a fun way of giving your home a refresh and a new lease of life.

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