3 Ways to Take Proper Care of Your Clothes and Accessories

Nowadays, many of us have much wider and more elaborate wardrobes than ever. Fast fashion is on the rise, meaning many of us can buy more outfits at a lower and more affordable price. But just because things are cheaper and more accessible doesn’t mean we can just toss them about and replace them if anything goes wrong with them. You need to have respect for your money and respect for the environment. You need to take care of what you have and maximize its lifespan as best you can. So, let’s take a moment to consider clothes and accessory maintenance! Here are just a few different steps you can take to ensure you’re caring for your belongings as best as you can!

1. Follow washing instructions

This may seem like an absolute basic, but so few of us actually do this. It’s important to take a look at the washing instructions on each item of clothing and to know how to properly wash and dry each. You can find all of this information in your clothing’s label. Here, you’ll see a variety of symbols or instructions that will help you to understand how to properly wash and dry your clothes. Listen to this advice. It will maximise the longevity and maintain the quality of each item. You may be recommended different types of washing (for example, hand washing or machine washing). You may be recommended a set temperature. You may be recommended different types of drying (for example, tumble drying or drip drying).

2. Maintain jewelry

Jewelry tends to be an investment piece. While these accessories aren’t always necessary, they can add a touch of style to any outfit or can serve as a signature piece. Sure, you don’t need to generally wash jewelry as you would clothes. But you do need to maintain it, whether that’s one of the top designer engagement rings, a chain necklace, a bangle bracelet, or anything else. Use special metal polish designed for the type of metal your jewelry is made out of or hand it over to a professional cleaning service who can hand it back shining.

3. Protect your shoes

There are different ways to look after different shoes, so it’s good to familiarise yourself with a few. Some shoes can be put in the washing machine to be cleaned up on a low temperature, low spin cycle. Some can’t. If you have shoes that can’t go through the machine, it’s important to treat them properly. For suede-like textures, you may need to use protective sprays. For leathers, you may need to buff up with polish. It’s also good to just be a little mindful when wearing shoes. Avoid walking through puddles, mud, and other things that can cause damage if possible.

Looking after your belongings really is important. It’s particularly important to bear in mind while living in a world of climate change, where we want to reduce waste as much as possible. Hopefully, some of the above advice will help you to better take care of your clothes and accessories from now on!

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