You Can Now Get The Cheesecake Factory at Tim Hortons!

When it comes to cheesecakes, one of the trusted names around the world is The Cheesecake Factory. Since the ’70s, the restaurant has been serving quality cakes, based on a recipe that Evelyn Overton developed in the ’40s. Today, The Cheesecake Factory operates 200 stores across the globe, earning fans from its original location in Los Angeles to Qatar.

Sadly, we don’t have a branch in Manila so those of us who want to enjoy its flavors have to fly out of the country for a little slice of cheesecake. That changes now, as you can get a selection of cakes from select branches of Tim Hortons!

I got to try all six cakes and was pleased with how light and delicious they are. I liked how they still tasted fresh even after being delivered from Hong Kong (the nearest Cheesecake Factory store).

Below are the six flavors you can try:

Wild Strawberries & Cream

I enjoyed the Wild Strawberries & Cream the most. It’s creamy and blends well with the vanilla crumb, strawberry cream, and white chocolate shavings. I liked that it doesn’t have that syrupy strawberry taste that reminds me of the medicine I drank when I was a kid.

Black-Out Cake

I also loved the Black-Out Cake. This chocolate cake is rich and decadent without becoming too sweet and cloying. In fact, it was surprisingly light. This comes with chocolate chips and crushed almonds for a nice touch of texture.

Dulce de Leche

The Dulce de Leche is quiet and unassuming. Caramel cheesecake sits on a bed of vanilla crust and is topped with caramel mousse and almond brickle. Like the Black-Out Cake, it’s rich yet light so it’s perfect for people who want to enjoy caramel without the sugary taste.

Red Velvet

A point of pride for The Cheesecake Factory. This special Red Velvet cake comes with the brand’s Original Cheesecake and covered with their special Cheesecake Factory cream cheese frosting.

Banana Foster

The Banana Foster is similar to the Dulce de Leche, except the cheesecake is made from banana. This one has elements of caramel, white chocolate, and vanilla crumb. A refreshing flavor.


I loved eating Cinnabon as a kid. I could never finish one even if I liked it because it was too sweet. The Cheesecake Factory dials it down several notches so you can enjoy the cinnamon flavor without feeling too guilty.

To date, you can get The Cheesecake Factory at select Tim Hortons stores, including BF Presidents, Estancia, Glorietta 4, I-Care, L’Ermitage, Paseo 111, SLC Building,  Three E-Com, and Vistamall Laguna. They are available at P300 a slice and P4,200 for the whole cake. Totally worth it!

Tim Hortons has also partnered with Hershey’s for a line of Christmas treats. Read more about it here.


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