LOOK: The New Jollibee at SLEX Has a Dual Drive-Thru Lane!

One of the best things to do during a long weekend or the holiday break is to go out of town. There are plenty of places to visit but for lazy folks like me, a quick drive down south is enough to satisfy a weary soul. Of course, a drive down south won’t be complete without a stopover at any of the gas stations along the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) for a cup of coffee, some snacks, or even a full meal. The thing is, most people have the same idea so restaurants, fast food joints, and coffee shops can be packed.

Jollibee is changing all that with its new Level Up Joy Store at Petron on the southbound lane of SLEX. Coincidentally, this is also the chain’s 1,200th store in the Philippines. A Level Up Joy Store is a redesigned Jollibee filled with innovations that will make the customer experience faster and more seamless. This is the second of its kind after the first one was launched in Katipunan last month.

I got to visit the store two days before it opened and was surprised to see the country’s first dual drive-thru. Simply put, it means Jollibee can service two cars at the same time, so families and barkadas can get their Chickenjoy fix without having to wait too long. This is complemented by the existing Drive Thru Lane Sensor, which gives real-time performance data to help the crew serve customers better.

Sounds exciting but the real magic is indoors. Jollibee has a Food Conveyor system that transports drive-thru orders from the store to the pick-up counter. I watched with amazement as the crew deftly put the paper bags in this long conveyor and it went on its way to the cars in the drive-thru lanes. The future is definitely now!

In case you want to dine-in, Jollibee SLEX has self-order kiosks that make getting food faster and easier. It also comes with multiple payment options like credit card, PayMaya, Happy Plus, or cash. While eating, you can also charge your devices on the built-in wireless charging pads.

You still get a chance to interact with the Jollibee staff, which is one of the things I look forward to when I eat at a Jollibee store. They’re consistently friendly and accommodating, even during peak hours. There’s this branch that I go to in Pasay on my way to meetings and events, and they upgrade my Chickenjoy meals even without me asking. One time, a cashier grabbed a two-piece meal, looked at it, then went to the kitchen. He returned with two big cuts of chicken. At another time, I waited for my order and when it arrived, I saw that he wrote “thigh part” on my receipt. He was assigned to another branch and he always says hello whenever he sees me. I just saw him yesterday.

Jollibee’s Level Up Joy Store in SLEX is sure to be a game-changer for those addicted to the ‘bee. Road trips are sure to become extra special if you pair it with a bucket of Chickenjoy and some Jolly Spaghetti!


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