Pancake House’s Classic Cheese Burger is Returning… But Only in One Branch

The mere mention of Pancake House is a welcome invitation to a heartwarming home, where friends and families come together for a good time over delicious comfort food.

Fans of the well-loved restaurant would remember its very first branch in Magallanes, where all-time favorites like the Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and the two-piece. Pan Chicken were born. Another crowd-pleaser from over 40 years ago is the Classic Cheese Burger, which is making a comeback!

The Classic Cheese Burger will only be available at Pancake House Paseo de Magallanes for a limited time only. It is headlined by two high-grade ground beef patties made fresh in limited batches every day – the reason why it is available in just one branch. Lightly seasoned then grilled to a slightly charred perfection, they are tucked in between soft but yielding buns, alternating with two good ol’ American cheese slices.

For P299, the burger can be enjoyed by diners of all ages with a side of homemade potato chips, Pancake House’s special coleslaw, pickle relish, tomato ketchup, and mustard. A classic in every sense of the word.

“We are happy to announce the return of the Classic Cheese Burger,” said Pancake House Chief Operating Officer, John Amante. “It’s one of those familiar specialties that speaks of the heart of our very first store. We hope the return of this delicious offering gives our diners more reasons to Choose To Feel Good at Pancake House!”

Boasting of the same delicious recipe, the same simple presentation, and the same homey goodness from decades back, the Classic Cheese Burger is definitely worth the trip to Pancake House Paseo de Magallanes. Order it until September 2019!


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