Meet the Next Generation of YouTube Content Creators!

I first started blogging in 2006 and back then, it was just a bunch of people sharing their thoughts online through blogs. Soon, it evolved into a completely different beast with the rise of platforms like Twitter, where people can share short-form thoughts; Instagram, where it’s mostly visual; Snapchat, where the point is ephemera; and YouTube, where the idea is to become a talk show host. YouTube is one of the most exciting platforms because it allows people to share their humor, skill, and creativity.

YouTube recently revealed the 12 NextUp creators who are bringing their YouTube careers and channels to the next level. The program is part of the platform’s goal to help up-and-coming creators build their channels and produce creative and reliable content.

This year’s batch is composed of music artists Carlyn Ocampo, Janine Teñoso, Alicia Litonjua (Lesha), and KITHARA; home designer Elle Uy (Elle Uy Decor); spoken word poet Beverly Cumla; comedian Stephen Flores (InReelLife); ice skating athlete Joel Minas; vloggers Jam Raquion (Jam-packed) and Benedict Cua; beauty enthusiast Amy Talaboc; and celebrity mom Melissa Ricks.

The 12 NextUp creators received a $2,000 voucher for new production equipment, strategic account management support from the YouTube Creator and Artist Development team, and attended workshops on video production and how to build their channels for business. They learned from veteran creators like Mikey Bustos, Michelle Dy, Lloyd Cadena, and Erwan Heussaff.

YouTube NextUp was launched in 2011 and aimed to help creators from over 13 countries including India, Mexico, the United States, Russia, Brazil, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, the UK, the Philippines, and more. Locally, notable names who have gotten their start at the program are Raiza Contawi, About RAF, Nate Punzalan, Helen Payawal (HelenOnFleek), and Team Lyqa.


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