Akrotiri’s Eurasian Cuisine Will Make You Want to Visit the South

There was a point in time when people living in the north would scoff at the idea of driving down south for a meal (or even a visit to their southern friends). But the area has become a full-fledged dining destination with unique restaurants offering delicious and mouthwatering food. Now, no one blinks when someone suggests visiting a quaint eatery in BF Homes or Alabang. And as someone who has lived in the south for more than 20 years, I am happy.

A new restaurant has popped up in the south and is set to join the great dining scene here. It’s called Akrotiri, (Greek for peninsula) and it focuses on Eurasian cuisine, with dishes from Asia and Euro-Greek cultures.

Akrotiri is located in Commercenter, a mall that doesn’t see that many people. This works in the restaurant’s advantage because it won’t be too crowded. The space is also intimate, which makes it the perfect spot for cozy date nights and gatherings with friends.

Wagyu Skirt Steak with Spicy Chilli Jam, Roasted Vegetable, and Paprika Aioli

Wagyu Corned Beef

There’s a lot to offer in the menu. As a carnivore, I gravitated towards the steaks and I enjoyed the Wagyu Skirt Steak with Spicy Chilli Jam, Roasted Vegetable, and Paprika Aioli (P900). The beef was tender and the flavors fused together for a unique taste. It came with potato wedges which was uniquely-flavored. I would also recommend the Wagyu Corned Beef‘s (P450) crispy texture, which is paired with some creamy mashed potatoes mixed with turmeric.

Angus Tenderloin

Other indulgent dishes worth trying are the Beef Shank Dumplings (P450), the Chicken Satay Skewers (P400), the robust Angus Tenderloin (P1,600), and the 24 Hour Pork Belly (P500).

Watermelon Feta

For something a little healthier, I recommend the Rustic Chicken Teriyaki (P500), the Quinoa Salad (P350), some Organic Salad with Citrus Dressing (P300), or the refreshing Watermelon Feta (P350).

Grilled Prawns

Tuna Tataki

As a restaurant with touches of Mediterranean cuisine, there was seafood options, too. There was the Grilled Squid Stuffed with Feta Foam and Black Ink Risotto (P550), the Tuna Tartar Tostada (P400), and the large Grilled Prawns (P600). I’m a fan of salmon so I definitely liked the Smoked (P400) and Grilled Salmon (P600). Out of all the seafood choices, my favorite would have to be the Tuna Tataki (P550), a lightly-seared tuna dish with lemon soya dressing and wasabi aioli. I’m not usually a fan of raw tuna but this one definitely changed my mind.

There are Filipino elements in the menu, like the delicious Sisig Tacos (P400), the Tiradito Maya Maya (P400), and the Adobo Octopus (P450). They were presented in a different way so those are dishes to try out, too.

Eurasian Sour Soup

Seafood Tagliatelle

For the rainy weather, some Eurasian Sour Soup (P350), Seafood Tagliatelle (P600 / P1,000 with lobster), or Prawn Tom Yum and Curry Soup (P550) would be absolutely perfect.

Chocolate Garden Mosaiko

Akrotiri also offers some sweet treats. There’s the classic Tiramisu (P400) but I would go for the Chocolate Garden Mosaiko (P450), a one-of-a-kind chocolate dessert presented in powder form.

You can pair these dishes with the drinks, which include Jameson whiskey, single malt scotch, and some cocktails like the Rose Gin with Dried Chili, Gin Mare with Mango and Pepper, and the Portobello Road Gin with Summer Fruits.

Of course, even the hungriest of stomachs won’t be able to handle this much food. If it’ll be your first time, these are my suggested dishes: start with some Watermelon Feta and some of the Tuna Tataki. For the main course, go for either the Wagyu Skirt Steak with Spicy Chilli Jam, Roasted Vegetable, and Paprika Aioli, the Angus Tenderloin, or the 24 Hour Pork. Cap off your meal with the Chocolate Garden Mosaiko and some of the house drinks.


This story is in partnership with Akrotiri. Akrotiri is located at Unit 103, Ground Floor, Commercenter Alabang, Commerce Avenue corner Filinvest Avenue, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa. For more information, visit the website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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