How I Keep My Desk Clutter-Free

I’m an aspiring minimalist but it can be hard when you’re juggling so many things. When I work, my desk is a mess of press releases, products I need to review, books, magazines, and other ephemera that I use as a digital freelancer (and homemaker, but more on that in another post). The photo above is my desk on a good day, but when I’ve hit my groove, it looks more like the photo below, which is the office of the New York Review of Books:

Of course, I still try to keep things tidy even when I’m working and I found a new product that helps me with that. It’s Krate PH’s Monday Organizer, a wooden organizer that’s meant to store all your essentials, declutter your desk, and streamline your daily routine. I figured I needed this when I ransacked the whole house looking for my keys just when I was about to leave for a dinner one evening. I found it in my desk drawer and realized I needed to get my shit together now that I’m living on my own.

The most interesting thing about the Monday Organizer is that it was conceptualized by six Management students from the Ateneo de Manila University as part of their thesis. That’s not all. All of Krate PH’s products are made by woodcarvers from Paete, Laguna, using recycled palochina, a type of wood known for being strong and long-lasting. You know Krate PH’s organizers are of good quality because it has heft when you carry it.

The Monday Organizer has space for a phone, wallet, keys, glasses, and other trinkets you carry around with you. I also put bills I need to pay and mail I need to sort and answer. Despite its size (it’s 11 in. wide and 8.5 in. high), it has created more space on my desk because everything is there.

Krate PH also has the Tuesday Organizer for keeping your cables looking neat and the Wednesday Organizer to keep all your writing supplies in order. All products come in Butternut and Dark Cherry. I like the Dark Cherry because it blends well with my desk, but the Butternut is perfect for those who like the Scandinavian aesthetic.

Now that I’m living on my own, I need to be responsible for my things. After all, I can’t blame anyone else when an item has been moved and I can’t ask anyone if they’ve seen this or that. With my new Monday Organizer, I’ll know exactly where to look.


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