Xia Vigor is the Latest Member of the Jollibee Family!

Growing up in the Philippines means one thing: frequent trips to Jollibee, where a kid can have Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti, and whatever else it is the kid is craving. For me, the two constants of my childhood diet were the two-piece Burger Steak and the Jolly Spaghetti.

I love the Jolly Spaghetti because of its unique taste. I like my pasta sour, but there’s always a special place in my heart for Jollibee’s sweet-style spaghetti.

It turns out that British-Filipino child star Xia Vigor shares the same feeling. She said that even before entering showbiz, Jollibee is her favorite place and she goes there with her mom, her older brother, and her cousin.

TheĀ Your Face Sounds Familiar: KidsĀ contestant is the latest celebrity endorser of the Jollibee family, and was officially welcomed with her own commercial with a catchy jingle.

Jollibee’s spaghetti pioneered the concept of sweet-style spaghetti in 1979 by taking the basic elements of a spaghetti dish and tailoring it to fit the Filipino palate. The rich tomato sauce is added with beefy and juicy hotdog slices and creamy shreds of cheese for the ultimate comfort food experience.

Having the young Vigor as the endorser of the Jolly Spaghetti makes me reminisce my childhood, when my only worry was if my mom will fulfill her promise of taking me to Jollibee for my spaghetti fix.

The Jolly Spaghetti is available in all stores nationwide for P50 solo and P55 for the value meal with drink. The dish is also available for delivery through 8-7000. All photos are courtesy of Ripple8.

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