Horror: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults


 Horror: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults (photo courtesy of Lui Milanes)


A few years ago, I submitted a story to Dean Francis Alfar and Kenneth Yu, who were working on an anthology of horror stories for young Filipinos.

Dean accepted Eat Me, a short story I wrote when I was 15, about a young anorexic who eats herself. Dean and I lost touch and I thought the project didn’t push through. I remember searching online to see what’s happening, but with no luck. Dean published a few anthologies, so I thought it really didn’t push through.

Today, my friend Lui sent me a Facebook message, saying that he came across Horror: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults at National Bookstore and saw my name! I’ve been published! By Dean Francis Alfar and Kenneth Yu, no less! And under the University of the Philippines (UP) Press!

It has always been a dream of mine to publish a book. And while I’ve accepted the fact that this is not going to happen in the near future (unless I go the indie route and do it DIY), being part of an anthology by respected writers is even better than releasing a book and having it gather dust in an obscure corner of a bookstore.

Horror: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults was published in November last year. I just wish I could have attended the book launch and personally thank Alfar and Yu for taking a risk on a young writer like me, and to meet the other authors who were also published.

Lui, who loves books more than I do, bought a copy at National Bookstore in Quezon Avenue. I’ll be in Makati tomorrow for the Anvil Warehouse Sale and the final performance and blastoff party for Red Turnip Theater’s Cock, so I hope I can drop by any of the bookstores nearby and buy all the copies.

I kid, of course. I want to share this wonderful gift to people who love Filipino fiction. And to those who haven’t discovered it yet. They’re the ones who need it the most.

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