SM Accessories’ big reveal at Republiq

Last Thursday, I was at Republiq for the launch of SM Accessories’ new collection and the big reveal of their four new ambassadors, who were none other than Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson, Xian Lim, and Richard Gutierrez. There’s no better choice than these four, who have the biggest star power in showbiz. It helps that they look so damn good on their own and together.






The show kicked off with a fashion show featuring the new collection of SM Accessories. The collection featured ikat prints and utilitarian pieces that would be perfect for the summer. Frankly, I haven’t shopped in the SM department store for quite some time but I’ve noticed that their selections are becoming more sophisticated and upscale whenever I visit to pay my bills. The show last night made me want to go to the nearest branch of SM and spend, spend, spend! The collection is now available in department stores so it might be a wise idea to get there before everyone comes in for the holiday season.





The big reveal was met with much enthusiasm, even from the media area. All pretenses of indifference were dropped when Anne, Georgina, Richard, and Xian came out to take their walk. I have to admit, I had a hard time controlling myself when Xian came out. I mustered all my dignity to remind myself that I was there as part of the media and not as obsessed fan.




After the show, a private press conference was held at one of the rooms in Opus, and I had to charm my way in to get a glimpse of the endorsers (okay, Xian). I didn’t really ask questions but spent the time just watching and smiling at them and taking pictures. Georgina was a little reserved but Xian was really friendly when I frantically waved and smiled at him. As you can see, I left my dignity and poise at the entrance of Opus.

Getting Anne, Georgina, Richard, and Xian will usher a new era in SM Accessories. Signing them on as endorsers will definitely help the company, but with the sublime designs, I don’t think SM would need much help. Here is a teaser of their items. Dibs on everything ikat!


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