Missing memories

Last Saturday, I was at Enchanted Kingdom with my officemates. We got discounted tickets from one of those websites and I decided to tag along because I haven’t been there in years. 2007 or 2012, the theme park hasn’t changed one bit, from the rides to the concession stands to the movie featured in Rialto. I had fun anyway because I was with my colleagues, a 34-strong group composed of a great bunch of people.

And yes, I rode the Space Shuttle and loved it.

It had the makings of a perfect day, until I lost my camera. It was at the horror house, the last ride we went on before going home. It was such a riot that the digicam must have gotten loose from the detachable strap on my neck. I suspect it was one of the staff dressed as ghosts because as soon as we exited, I noticed it was missing and I wanted to get back in to look for it. But the guy at the exit didn’t allow me and requested that I go to the entrance, which is a five minute walk, while they look for it. It could have been the next batch of people who took my camera, but they were also my officemates, and I doubt they’d notice a tiny camera while they’re screaming their heads off.

Back at the entrance, I demanded that I do a personal search to make sure that they got everything covered. They didn’t allow me but a quick word with someone from security and a casual mention of The Philippine Star¬†allowed me to enter and search for it myself. We were joined by Elaine of Guest Relations who was very accommodating and friendly. I never did find it, but I’m thankful that the staff of Enchanted Kingdom acted fast and were very helpful.

Honestly, I don’t really feel sad that I lost my camera because I’ve been meaning to replace it with a better model with newer features. What I was after are the pictures inside, many of which I haven’t transferred to my laptop. Some of the photos date back to October 2011. Fortunately, I had the sense to transfer my Bangkok photos, but I lost my Baguio pictures. Luckily, the camera was an affordable model so I don’t think whoever got it will fetch a high price. All the same, I still wish karma will hit him with a higher price.

I got the camera three years ago for my 20th birthday. It has been with me through every season of Philippine Fashion Week since 2009, to Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok, Tagaytay, Boracay, Puerto Galera, and Batangas. It has seen birthdays, Christmases, nights out, and my many adventures in the city. More importantly, it has taken most of my primary photos on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, which I happen to take seriously.

So I guess I have to get a new one soon, and the model I’m eyeing is a little expensive. I have only a few weeks left to save because the next season of Philippine Fashion Week is coming up, I’m flying to Capiz, and my relatives from the US are flying in for Christmas. And I’m starting to get bored with my primary photo.

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