Best of the Week: Out with The Bourne Legacy rumors, in with David Archuleta and Beyoncé’s baby

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Future Economic Boom Of The Week

MANILA, Philippines – Good news for the Philippines! In the year 2050, HSBC predicts in their report,”The World in 2050,” the sleeping giant China, will be alive, awake and enthusiastic in the economic arena, displacing the United States as having the world’s biggest economy. The bank also predicts that the future belongs to the emerging countries, which includes the Philippines, which is supposed to take 27 leapfrog places to become the 16th largest economy in the next 38 years, thanks to our demographics and our rising education standards. We’re all aware of the 2012 end of the world predictions, but for the sake of the future, let’s hope HSBC’s soothsayer prowess is the real thing! — Roxy Valencerina

Band Of The Week: Taken By Cars

“It’s just us, the gig, the trip, and the dream,” Taken by Cars vocalist Sarah Marco posted on her Facebook status earlier this week, along with a photo of TbC featured on the home page of the SXSW Music Festival. As the first Filipino band to be invited to the renowned international music and arts festival in Austin, Texas this March, they’ve come a pretty long way from just wanting to play regular gigs at Saguijo five years ago. However, there is a catch: They’re still short on funds. With just 50 days to go before SXSW, help send TbC to Texas by checking them out on! Let’s show the world that Pinoy music is more than just Charice Pempengco and Manny Pacquiao — no disrespect to their fans! — Cai Subijano

Kapatid Of The Week: David Archuleta

In the wake of international celebrity endorsers, TV5 reigned supreme by booking American Idol alumnus David Archuleta, who just signed for a primetime series with actresses Eula Caballero and Jasmine Curtis-Smith. The singer is already in the country and is filming and promoting the series, with David in a love triangle as the plot. David Archuleta is a Mormon and considering Mormons love dancing and sugary potluck parties, he’ll fit right in with the Philippines’ noontime show culture, especially in Will Time Bigtime.

Baby Of The Week: Blue Ivy Carter

The birth of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s new bundle of joy last Jan. 7 in New York City didn’t stop the brand new papa from dropping a new track entitled Glory (feat. B.I.C.) featuring the wails of the power couple’s first offspring, just a mere hour after being birthed into the world. Baby Blue Ivy Carter or better known as B.I.C., has yet to be caught candid by the vicious paparazzi, but with a sweet number 74 spot on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart, it won’t be long before this kid takes the world by storm. Jay-Z may have 99 problems, but baby B.I.C. sure ain’t one of them. — Roxy Valencerina

Hoax Of The Week: The Bourne Legacy Extras

More than a thousand hopefuls were devastated (including yours truly) when news leaked that the call for 1,000 extras for The Bourne Legacy was fake. Online ads indicated that applicants must send their names and details to a specified e-mail address, and that the only requirement is that they can walk (seriously). Another hoax was that the producers were looking for stand-ins for leads Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz. Sadly, the Philippine producers have revealed that they don’t know the “talent coordinators” mentioned in the ads, and would prefer extras who are in location because they “will act naturally.” Sorry, guys. Hollywood is just one tough bee-yatch to crack.

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