Made in China: Accomodations

We stayed at Li Jing Hotel, a three star hotel in Hankou Lu. I convinced my mom to stay in a cheaper hotel so that we could maximize our money on shopping and activities. So she booked a room, sight unseen, in Li Jing. We were worried about the quality but it has a great location because it’s right where the action is. Nanjing Lu (one of the world’s busiest shopping streets) is less than five minutes away and there are three train stations that could take you practically anywhere in Shanghai. Plus, it’s parallel to Fuzou Lu, where the bookstores and art stores are so I was able to sneak a visit to what is fondly called The Culture Street.

When we arrived at Li Jing, it wasn’t what we expected. One night costs Y398 (P2,786) but the hotel is really classy. We expected a run-down hotel run by shady characters but it looks opulent and expensive.

My brother.

The lobby. It doesn’t look like a third star hotel, doesn’t it? It even has a jade block as a “centerpiece.”

Opulent interiors and objet d’art.

The rooms are standard but I have no complaints. The bed was a little hard but I was too tired every night to even notice. Also, their breakfast buffet was the same. Every single day.

My biggest concern is the lack of English-speaking staff. Because it’s only three-star, all the guests were locals so they didn’t feel the need to brush up on English. Luckily, they understood basic phrases so it wasn’t that much of a struggle.

I would recommend the hotel to those who want a cheap hotel worth more than you’ll pay for. It’s clean, it’s location is convenient, and a police station is right around the corner. There’s also a C-Mart (their 7-11) right outside and some eateries and massage parlors.

And yes, that’s a copy of Smile on my bed. It’s complimentary, okay.

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