Postscript: Accomodations

We stayed at Aninuan Resort, an exclusive resort with its own beach strip in Sunset Beach, next to White Beach. It was a welcome break from the crowded Boracay scene and I had as much fun even without so many people. It had a wonderful view of the sea and I got to really relax.

Tables for meals. In the background are the rooms for rent. The resort is cozy because it’s private and everybody knows each other.

A view of the sea from the lounge chairs and “egg” chairs. I’m not sure what you call them but they look like the Caribbean version of those egg chairs on Mars Attacks!

The resort has a lot of palm trees so it wasn’t that hot. We spent a lot of time just lounging around ordering drinks and snacks.

The private strip of beach. I’m not sure if it’s owned by Aninuan because there are other people but it’s still peaceful and secluded.

It isn’t called Sunset Beach for nothing!

The rooms were modest but I’ve never been particular with accommodations. As long as the bathroom’s beautiful and the place is safe, I’m fine with that. My only issue was the blackout that happened one night that lasted until morning. It was terrible. The picture is of a view from our balcony.

Like Boracay, the sands were white but the water wasn’t as clear. But it was a lovely shade of blue and I spent a lot of time just staring at it.

The shore was rocky, a stark contrast to the almost-bare Boracay, where I only found dried corals (I even found two shaped like a penis and I gave one to Don Jaucian). Some of the stones were beautiful and I took them home to put in a vase. I changed my mind when I dipped into the sea – there were a lot more rocks and I hurt myself a couple of times.

I highly recommend Aninuan Resort if you want an escape from the crazy Puerto Galera scene or life in general. The place is cozy and homey and everyone is accomodating. I even got to meet the owner, Lexy Neiderer and one of her sons, Tino. The food can be expensive but it’s because most of her clients are foreigners so her prices are dollar-based. If you want cheap eats, you can go to White Beach, a tricycle ride away. But nothing beats the peaceful environment and the gorgeous beachview of Aninuan Resort.

You may contact Lexy Neiderer at this website.

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