Of human luxuries.

I have received criticism for my tastes. When people see the brand of my pen, my clothes, my shoes, or my bags, I have been called frivolous, with matching raised eyebrows. They would often say stuff like “Ikaw na. Ikaw na naka Marc Jacobs” (a common Filipino phrase reserved for people who brag) when they see my new lunch bag. What’s irritating is that I never even brag!
Sure, I have designer stuff. It’s something my family invests in, but not regularly. Because of the high price of luxury goods, my family can only afford a few items a year.
Many people buy Gucci for the sake of buying Gucci. They would buy monogrammed items (Louis Vuitton, Fendi) to show off, but to me, buying Prada or Lanvin is not for effect. Whenever people complain to me about spending an arm and a leg for a bag, I answer that I buy them for the quality. As Oscar Wilde once said, I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best. Things are usually expensive because they are crafted carefully with the best materials. But honestly, I get uncomfortable talking about these things because I don’t like to talk about the money I have and spend.
I find it frustrating how people criticize my spending habits when theirs are just as questionable. I buy singular items that lasts a lifetime and looks glamorous. They spend tons of money on food, books, cab fare, or tons of clothes that when you add up is a dress from Valentino. To each his own. It just so happens that I like quality stuff. And if you say something about my Marc Jacobs bag again, I swear I’ll slap you across the face with it.

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