Christmas Parties Pt. I

The other day, I had my Christmas party with the staff of the paper. It was supposed to be a huge event and we planned to rent this resort in Tagaytay for a low price because my associate editor knows some people. We also invited alumni members so it’ll be a Christmas party slash reunion. But the administration (unfortunately, we are under them) wouldn’t let us withdraw the money we wanted because we aren’t allowed to use our budget for parties. We ended up at Mall of Asia and none of the alumni went.

It was still fun because we had tons of games like the Ako Ay Tutubi (?), Pinoy Henyo, Pepsi 7Up, and this one game where we did this cheer while spreading our legs. The objective of the game was to spread your legs until ripping point and the last one standing wins. I won. Those years of yoga did me a lot of good.

(My pants aren’t really that tight. I was spreading my legs so much that it began to look like that.)

We also had awards and I got The Moody Divinity Award for “being divine and always moody due to unknown reasons and circumstances that we may never know.” To explain my divine post yesterday, the staff call me divine. I forgot how the story started but the joke stuck, and whenever I do something incredible, they attribute it to my “divinity.”

We then had an exchange gift program and I got Bianca, my associate editor.

We capped the night by having drinks at San Miguel by the Bay. It was such a wild night and I got totally drunk.

We finished at 4 AM.

The following day (yesterday), I had to go to our Quezon City house to have our Christmas party there. But since mother and my brother already went the day before, I had to commute. It was one of the most horrible commutes ever. There was barely any traffic but I had to wait for long periods of time to get cabs and buses. I was two hours late. The party was awesome because a lot of people came and I had several glasses of good wine. I had a great conversation with Kellyn and Kim, two family friends, about the merits of working abroad. Kellyn works in HSBC, Singapore while Kim is a pre-school teacher in Vietnam. The catering was good.

We had another exchange gift program and I got Auntie Liza, also a family friend.

Hung out with the kids as they tried Yuji’s (my brother) skateboard. None of them knew how to use it so they ended up jumping for the camera to look like they could. The second photo is of my brother, who could actually skateboard and is pretty good at it.

These are the Tin kids, three of the sweetest and most adorable children in the world. I only see them once or twice a year and it’s such a shame. They were disappointed when they found out I’m not coming back after the Las Piñas party tonight. I’m going to Batangas after Christmas to celebrate with my friends.
That’s all.

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