Boyfriends and tea

Last night, I went to Alabang to meet a client for my case study in Guidance and Counseling. Because I was desperate to have him as a client, I bribed him with offers of dessert in Coffee Bean or in any dessert shop of his choice. He agreed, which was a blessing, because the thought of pouring your innermost problems to a relative stranger is unlikely, even at the thought of free French apple pie.

I’ve been hanging out a lot in Coffee Bean lately so I decided to try out their collection of teas. I’ve been a fan of CBTL for three years and have sampled most of their coffee so I thought why not their tea? I’ve been trying to live the healthy lifestyle and tea is as healthy as you could get. This was actually my first time because I always order the tea lattes.
Maybe it was my expectations, but I wasn’t satisfied. Perhaps it was because I drink tea practically everyday, but I expected a special something, a kick that would say that this is designer shit. I ordered the strawberry flavored green tea after the recommendation of an HR supervisor in Generika who used to work in Coffee Bean. I don’t know, but I actually prefer the Earl Grey being sold in supermarkets by the bunch. I’m still open to trying their other flavors, though. The raspberry looks really promising.
What I did like though about the tea in CBTL was that you can ask for hot water to steep another cup. This pleased my stingy heart because I could have endless cups of tea for only php95.
While I was listening to my client’s stories of abuse in college, my mind wandered to the sheer joy of having another cup for practically nothing. I also made a silly but thought-provoking analogy regarding tea and boyfriends. This is, however, not the first time I connected the two because I once called someone my Earl Grey because I didn’t know whether to like him or not. It takes a while to get used to that guy, and bergamot in general.
So, my analogy is this. I’m not going to expound on it, seasoning it with quotes from chick flicks or theories from psychologists, because I was trying to focus on the things my client was saying. I realized that ex-boyfriends are like tea. You enjoy it, basking in the bold flavor of jasmine or oolong or chai while you do your activities. But in the end, you finish your cup, and you’re left with nothing but the residue of leaves.
However, what’s good is that you can refill and enjoy your cup of tea again. Like ex-boyfriends, you can take them back and relive the thrills, the joys, and the good times. Sometimes you have to put more sugar to capture the taste of the first cup, but still, it’s attainable.
But there is that point where you get tired of it, that one cup is enough. There was this one time my friend gave me a pack of Japanese rice tea which tasted really awesome. When I tried to make another cup, it made me want to puke. I suddenly remembered this ex-boyfriend who after three years is attempting to make contact and rekindle the flames of romance. He doesn’t make me want to vomit, but I think once was enough.
After I got my second cup last night in Coffee Bean, I wasn’t able to finish it.
Ha. I feel like such a genius.

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  • that's a good metaphor. haha in all fairness, meron ding ex boyfriends na parang kape. nakakagising. haha

    ps. there's something in your template na lumalaban sa embedded comments mo. idk what it is but it took me a few pageloads before i could leave a comment.

  • Nyl, oh my. talaga? i have to check that out, then. and yes, meron talagang ex-boyfriends na parang kape :))

    ang galing nga pala ng name mo. it's upside down. akala ko high ako.