If I could turn back time

This is the result of my Draw A Person Test by Florence Goodenough. The test aims to determine the subconscious mind through the examinee’s drawing of a person. Here, everything has meaning, from the way the eye is shaped to the clothes the drawing is wearing. My result doesn’t seem promising:

The client has a tendency to be paranoid to the point where he may feel obsessed, suspicious, mistrustful and sometimes, unreasonable. He also has a tendency to be schizophrenic as a result of a possible brain damage. The client entertains fantasy and handles problems in a concealed or hidden way.

The client may be aggressive, sometimes depressed and pressured over environmental issues. He may resist to grow to adulthood and may have anxiety in social functions. The client has a lack of worth and needs autonomy or self-rule. He may also be discontented with his body type. The client is in the level of maturity and he may be asthmatic or alcoholic. He has sexual conflict, and may be disturbed with sensual needs.

I think I’m one of those people I mentioned in my previous entry.

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