Better than nothing.

It’s been months since I last blogged but I’m happy to say that the passion hasn’t died. I believe that it is through writing that I express myself best and I’m glad I still have the touch. I may not have the best skills in writing, but I manage. I learned a lot in my editing days and besides, I’ve immersed myself in writing so much that I’m planning to enter print media after college and hopefully publish a book.

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged. My last entry was dated days before my 20th birthday when I celebrated at Ascend. A lot has changed and though not all were good, I hold on to the idea that it is for the best. I’ve hurt certain people, lost many friends, but it has made me stronger and more aware of myself. I’ve made many realizations that I hope will make me a better person. I’m not sorry for the things I’ve done, but I’m sorry for the way they turned out. I still believe I could have done things better.

I didn’t get the editor-in-chief position and surprisingly, I’m okay with it. I was initially outraged when I was given the Associate Editor position but I rest in the thought that I am doing what I love which is writing. At the end of the day, it’s all about the articles I produce and the upstanding team Anna and I handle. The best is yet to come and yeah, I still have two years of college.

Speaking of college, it came as a shock when I realized that my original classmates in UST have already graduated. I seem to have forgotten that I was already a senior because most of my classmates are sophomores and juniors and it hit me (harder than I expected) when some of my colleagues in the paper graduated a few weeks ago. It made me face my own time in college and it wasn’t good. I keep seeing albums in Facebook of graduates who were kids when I was in high school. Never a good sign. School’s going great though. I have summer class now which is a major hassle but made easier with great company. I did really well last semester and all my grades were in the line of 1. I got 1 in my Group Dynamics and 1.25 in Theories of Learning.

So far my life is great. I have pretty much what I want and I couldn’t ask for more. I don’t have exactly what I would have wanted, but I’m happy settling for what I have. It’s better than nothing.

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