Change… Because I believe in.

Today (midnight Filipino time) Barack Obama will be inaugurated as the 44th president and 1st black president of the United States. Watching the campaign, I know the elections have become a circus, primarily because of vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. In the end however, Obama came out – victorious, and today will be the culmination of his hard work.

Hay. When will the Philippines have a leader like Obama? I think we have suffered enough. I’m tired of watching the news and seeing nothing but DOJ briberies, fertilizer fund scams, Euro Generals and whatever else we have yet to uncover. Really. I’m so fucking tired. Did you know that I cried when I first saw Will.I.Am’s video of It’s A New Day? When will we have our new day? Tang ina, that was how affected I was when Obama won. I was jealous.

I saw a feature on ANC about how Obama will inherit the problems George W. Bush has left behind. We have yet to know whether he is capable of the job [there are times when I think McCain would do a better job because he is a seasoned politican], but his platform, his message: change, whew. It really is something. That’s what Americans need. That’s what Filipinos need. Yes, a platform of change may be vague, romantic even, but sometimes what we need is a dreamer. Someone who is willing to take risks, who can step out of the box and someone who is not afraid to make change and revolutionize history. Because sometimes change is more than a change of outfits.

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