I’m not going to write you a love song because you need one.

I’m going to write you one because I want to.

R and I are okay again. I like him. So sue me. After I posted the highly controversial entry preceding this one, he read it, and we had a huge argument. I got disappointed because I thought he would realize his mistake, but he didn’t, so I thought of ending everything. For good. I was considering swallowing my pride and continuing, but I thought that I would just drive myself crazy in the long run. I felt sad that it had to end that way but I stood my ground. To a certain extent, I was right. He was being unreasonable.

The following day, he asked if he could call. I was hesitating because I thought he was just going to lambaste my blog entry, but I was surprised when he apologized. He admitted his mistake and he promised to change. I forgave him in a heartbeat. Talk is cheap, but a sincere apology is worth millions. I accepted his apology not because I like him [though it is a factor], but because it is not easy to own up to your mistakes and admit you’re wrong.

So we’re okay again. He still hasn’t alloted time for me but he promised he would. Baby steps, right? I’d rather have baby steps than no steps at all.

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