Theory Of Bisexuality

Sigmund Freud’s theory of bisexuality limits itself to birth. He says that we are all born bisexual, but during the early stages, we subconsciously decide whether we choose to lead the straight life or the gay life. He limits his bisexual theory to the earlier stages, but my theory is extended until death.

I believe that everyone is bisexual, but has been subconsciously repressed because we have been raised that it is wrong, and society dictates that heterosexuality is the norm. We have been conditioned to believe, by the media, even the church, that homosexuality is a crime, a SIN, and that it is to be avoided at all costs. And of course, monkey see, monkey do, we repress every homosexual tendency because we have been brainwashed by every reliable source that is a behavior that is considered not normal.

But first off, let us define homosexuality. It has been described, in laymen’s terms, as a preference, both in the aspect of love and sex, to people of the same sex.

Sex is sex. We derive the same kind of sexual pleasure whether or not done with a man or a woman. Arousal lies on the nerves, and it can be stimulated by various things. The nerve does not choose what arouses it. On the subject of love, it is the same with sex. Love is an emotion that can be channeled to anyone we feel affection for. Do we choose who we love? We do not.

Society has been succesful in brainwashing us and instilling in our minds that homosexuality is wrong. But only if we are open to it, if we break free of society’s ridiculous rules, and be more open-minded, then we would know that being with someone of the same sex is not that different.

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